Bad Idea

Don’t get me wrong. I love Melissa and Doug toys. I prefer their well-made wooden toys (until they become projectiles and lead to stitches, but I digress) to the cheap plastic counterparts that I usually find on store shelves. Simple, kid-powered toys that foster imagination and the development of fine-motor skills are wonderful. Except for this one.

My husband brought home a puzzle for Mr. Squish, the two-year-old. It’s a M&D sturdy wooden puzzle. So far, so good, right. This puzzle has little doors that lift and slide. The child has simply to maneuver the latch on each section in order to open the door and see what farmyard friend is hiding underneath. And there’s the rub. Latches. As in, the same ones you use on your front door, back door, windows. Not sure I am on board with teaching someone with amazing speed and poor impulse control the motor skills necessary to escape confinement. Really, Melissa? Seriously, Doug? What part of that set up seemed like a good idea? Why not a tumble lock and a stethoscope? Or wire cutters and an ignition? Those skills are about as age-appropriate and useful!

So, friends, I have this amazing educational puzzle that needs a new home. It’s FREE!  Any takers?



A penny for your thoughts! And by penny, I mean a warm-fuzzy in your heart.

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