Career Girl

Hey, all you stay-at-home moms out there! Do you ever feel embarrassed at your high school reunion when people ask what you do for a living? Ever feel the need to fudge a bit because you’re afraid you’ll be judged? There’s no need for that. Just do as I do. Whenever anyone asks, I look them in the eye and tell them the truth. I’m a zoo keeper.

Yes, I do volunteer in the reptile department at the zoo for four hours a week. I soak the tortoise collection. But that is not what I’m referring to. What I do at home requires pretty much the same skill set as someone who tends chimpanzees. Don’t believe me? Read on.

I spend a big part of my day dealing with poop. A lot of poop.

Enrichment is key. I have to keep the critters busy so that they don’t get themselves into a lot of trouble.

I sometimes have to keep my charges from killing one another.

I have to feed them well so that they don’t turn on me.


Preventing escapes is a constant challenge.

I’ll get bitten if I get too close.

I often end the day covered in poop.

It’s sometimes expensive to repair the damage they’ve done.

The poop thing.

And most importantly, I’ll never get rich doing it, but I wouldn’t change a thing.


A penny for your thoughts! And by penny, I mean a warm-fuzzy in your heart.

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