Things That I Probably Should Care About But Don’t

On the wrong feet, of course. But I did get him to put some pants on. I call that a win.

1) Small son eating cereal with the ladle that came with his pizza kitchen

2) Both sons arguing over who gets to wear my bra. I should care that they won’t share.

3) The cat just drank out of the pot where I am soaking my beans. Bad cat. Whatever.

4) Squish is stealing tic-tacs from my purse.

5) 9 year old has taken to wearing his school clothes to bed, shoes included. Makes for a quick getaway in the morning. That 30 seconds he’d have spent tying his shoes is time saved.

6) Smallest wants to wear his galoshes everywhere.

7) Squish just announced “I Nakeeeee!” having removed everything BUT the boots.

8 ) There are finger marks in the frosting on my older son’s birthday cupcakes. Oh, well. I think I have time to make more.

9) Squish wants said cupcakes for breakfast. Come to think of it, I do, too. See you tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Things That I Probably Should Care About But Don’t

  1. I too was savvy enough to think of #5 (in high school–should I be embarrassed?). Was not a morning person back then… However, I did not sleep with my shoes on which made things a bit more exciting in the morning! All of my friends were waking up at 5:45 to curl their hair and put on makeup. I chose sleep. Now I wake up at 6:30 because the sun is out and I take an hour to get ready.

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