It’s Not a Restful Night When


need coffee, and lots of it!1) You hear heavy footsteps outside your door in the wee hours, and dear husband is sleeping beside you. By the time you realize it’s your 9 year old, who has worn his shoes to bed to facilitate a quick-dress in the morning, your heart is beating loud enough to wake the neighbors.

2) You wake up again to “He’s going to throw up!!!” Actually, Squish just has a little cough, sweetie. He wasn’t gagging. And if you think he’s going to blow, go get him and take him to the bathroom. Don’t wake me.

3) Dear old siamese-cross Piper’s internal entitlement clock is two hours off, and she begins her “Let me upstairs” serenade at 4am. Why do we have pets?

4) Blog ideas roll around in your head, one on top of another. Genius ideas that you’re trying to develop, knowing full well that they will be gone in the morning.

5) Yet another battle in the Ceiling Fan War. Although my pal A.J disagrees with me, I say hot trumps cold! Put on some sweatpants and leave the fan alone!

6) You dream all night long that you are desperately searching for a bathroom.

7) Rude awakening. You dream that you actually find one.

8 thoughts on “It’s Not a Restful Night When

  1. My old cat now wants breakfast at 4:15. And when he says “Now” – well he’s got feline dementia – he means “how about now?” and a minute late “how about now?” and then “how about now?”

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