Talking to the Hand

Another example of behavior that is not modeled. We do not live in a cabinet.

I have an issue with kids and phones. I hate to talk on the phone and only do so when it can’t be avoided. I think cell phones are the work of the devil and have no place in my world. I hate to see people chatting away on their phone when they are actually WITH other people. UGH! It bugs me. And now my kid is one of them.

On the phone. All the time. ALL the time. If I do something that makes him mad, the first thing he does is call his dad to complain about my parenting. If he doesn’t like what is for dinner, again he calls his dad to see if I willl change the menu. He calls his buddy, he calls his grandma. Hours a day he spends yammering. And there’s very little I can do about it.

Sure, I can take away the phone, but that doesn’t actually help. Without the phone, he simply curls his little fingers and pretends he’s got one. Did I forget to mention that I’m talking about Squishy? Yes, my toddler is a phone addict.

I guess he has a good calling plan because we haven’t gotten a bill yet. Good thing because he really does spend hours on the stupid thing. While eating his lunch, using the toilet, riding in the car. And he hasn’t lost reception or dropped a single call. Although he has thrown his toy phone a time or two.

From watching him, it would be logical to assume that he sees this behavior modeled. Maybe so, but WHERE? I don’t talk on the phone. I hate it. And I certainly don’t own a cell phone. And My husband’s telephone conversations go something like this: “Hello? Uh-huh. No. Okay. See you later.” Brother and sister’s calls are more like this: Thank you for the Easter money! Love you, too. Your turn to talk, Mom!” So where does he get it?

I am sometimes afraid that I see his future – he’ll be one of those kids who ends up at the chiropractor because his head has a permanent tilt. He’ll be the parent sitting on a bench at the playground talking to his pals while his kids play alone in the sandbox. NO! Where have I gone wrong?

But there is a bright side.  At least he hasn’t discovered texting yet!


7 thoughts on “Talking to the Hand

  1. YES!! I totally get this! Dono is obsessed with our phones. He’ll grab the iPhone, stick it up to his ear, make all sorts of crazy faces all the while saying “yucca yucca yucca??? yucca! Yucca?” NO idea where he gets it. I don’t think we’re on the phone that often, I’m relatively sure we don’t make faces like that, and I’m almost positive I never use the phrase “yucca yucca” when talking to people.

  2. Hullo, I am new to your page, but had to laugh.. i was minding a child once whose mother was endlessly shouting into her phone ordering this or that person around. Screeching about stuff that had not been delivered. One day she watched her own tiny daughter with a toy phone scream into the phone and then this tot screeched – whatever! – and then punched a pretend button and threw it across the room. Well, said Mother, where did she learn that behaviour. ? my eyebrows raised!!! c

  3. I hate talking on the phone, too. I’d rather send an email – which is probably worse. I’ve yet to figure out what age our kid (still inutero) will be allowed their own phone…

  4. Hehe, my 2 yr old climbed on the counter got our house phone and started pushing buttons to call Nana. Kids just love to talk on the phone. Its pretty cool, you can hear someone’s voice that isn’t there with you.

  5. Thankfully, Dimples never went through this stage. However, she has an annoying habit now, when friends call, to put them on speaker and traipse all around the house. I can’t decide if I should tell her to stop b/c I figure eavesdropping on her conversation could come in handy one day.

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