Lost in Translation: Facebook Edition

Needs no translation. Tiny snowman is angry because he is at the mercy of the thermometer. Bummer.

A little guide to the new Facebook. As you know, I am a born interpreter.

Find Friends: People with whom you have much in common and should probably add. They are friends of friends, pets of friends, play an app that you deleted, went to the same school as someone you once met, answered similarly when taking a “Do you like soap?” quiz,  or they, like you, are breathing. See? You are practically twins. Add them, or you will die alone.

Share: Click the button, you selfish pig. Everyone wants to know that you have leveled up/unlocked a treasure/poked a pet. Everyone. Who do you think you are, the Queen of England? Like you’ve got secrets to keep.

“Overall Protection Is Low”: We don’t have enough information about you to completely wreck  your life when we sell it. We only pretend to care about your security question. What we really want is your mobile number. So we can call you on your birthday. We promise not to share it with anyone. Pinky swear. At least not until the next update. And if you could go ahead and provide samples of your hair and blood, that would be just super.

Privacy Settings: This has nothing to do with actual privacy. If it helps, think of it more as a video game. Just like you aren’t growing actual vegetables on Farmville. But it’s fun, right?

Ticker: A running list of every single thing that your friends are doing that you forgot to unsubscribe to. You now have the ability to make fun of your friends because you know how many times they have listened to “You Give Love a Bad Name” today. As important as it is to have friends, you have our permission to unfriend those who admit to listening to anything by Justin Bieber. It’s our one exception.

Like: Ambiguous and sometimes creepy, it’s a great way to let someone know that you have read their post without actually commenting. And it always keeps them guessing! When you see someone “likes” your post that your dog has mange and is undergoing experimental treatment, do they mean “I hate your dog because he poops on my lawn.  Go, mange!” or do they mean “I’m so glad that a brand new treatment is now available?” That’s part of the fun.  You decide! After all, Facebook is about giving you control and enhancing your relationships!

Recent Stories: A bunch of stuff you used to read. We prioritized it for you because deciding what should be important to you is what we do. It’s pretty much the same stuff you’ve already seen in your news feed. It’s basically a reminder that we’re collecting data on everything you do and will either sell it or use it against you in the future. You’re welcome.

Tags: Easy way to invade someone else’s privacy. Have an embarrassing photo of someone? Awesome! Post it and tag ’em. Not only will it go to all of your friends, but it goes to all of theirs as well. And their minister. And maybe their kindergarten teacher. We’re not totally sure.




12 thoughts on “Lost in Translation: Facebook Edition

  1. Spot on translations! I am starting to have a better understanding of my new FB!

    On an evil side-note: Nothing delights me more than “liking” those ambiguous posts. Gives me the giggles! I have found that people assume the best of me so I have not gotten into trouble yet… And I do mean it in the very best way, of course…

  2. I know. Facebook is getting creepier and creepier. Do you know I refused to have anything to do with it until I wrote a book and was told that unless I elevated my profile via social media, I’d never be published. So here I am waving myself in front of people who I could care less about. I posted a story just a few minutes ago on my blog and when I went on Facebook one of the new features said “5 people are talking about this.” Yikess! It’s the anti-Christ 🙂

  3. Ok, I discovered your blog today and I BURST OUT LAUGHING UPROARIOUSLY (I hate “LOL”!!) over your comments about the “Like” button! I have SO thought the same sort of thing. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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