How did you…I just…what in the…You win.

Aaaaand what do you see?

Hide and Seek taken to the next level.

Apparently my toddler carried out a fairly elaborate practical joke at nap time yesterday, but he fell asleep before he could see it all the way through. I came in and found him, or rather, didn’t find him, like this. He somehow managed to crawl under his fitted crib sheet without dislodging it. He laughed when I woke him up, clearly amused at his own cleverness. I doubt I will never know how he pulled this one off.

Is it just me, or does this pic make you stop and scratch your head?

12 thoughts on “How did you…I just…what in the…You win.

  1. Your toddler rules. My cat does the same thing only she doesn’t laugh when I find her and it generally happens while I’m making the bed.

  2. Your toddler seems to be a patient guy! And a very calm one. I can imagine how excited he was but he still managed to spend all this time like that without calling you and then he just fell asleep.
    Well done!:)

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