Running Is Hazardous to Your Health

Saturday should be sacred. It is the one golden day of the week where I can sleep late. We attend the early service on Sunday mornings, so sleeping past 7:30 on a Sunday means a frantic morning rush that can lead to losing our religion before we even get out of the house.

Saturdays are for quilts and pillows and sweet dreams, not the screech of the alarm clock at 5:45 so a spouse can get in his morning run. 5:45. I know the importance of his morning run, but I’ve got news. 8:45? Still morning! Wait a couple of hours. It still counts.

I get the importance of exercise and all of that. I do. And I know that running is a big stress relief. But honestly, what kind of stress do you have at 5:45 that isn’t actually caused by getting up  at that ungodly hour? No, the stress comes when you later realize your disgruntled, exhausted wife, awakened hours before her time, has put kitty litter in your morning coffee. I’m sure it was an accident and not revenge. After all, litter and ground coffee do look a bit alike. Even though the coffee is kept in a cabinet above the pantry and the litter is kept downstairs. I can’t be expected to know the difference between French roast and Fresh Step before the sun has even come up, right?

What’s the big deal, you ask? Why can’t I just go back to sleep when the alarm goes off? Oh, but I can. I usually have no trouble sliding back into the arms of slumber. But toddlers are a different story. Squish sleeps in our room. When the alarm sounds his Reveille , smallest soldier takes up arms for adventure. He is content to snuggle just long enough to warm his icy feet on my leg before he is clamoring for breakfast or making plans to ride his toy motorcycle with a bucket on his head in lieu of a helmet.

This morning, I was dreaming I was being chased by a chimpanzee who was trying to kill me. I longed to sink back into that dream, as my waking alternative meant trying to subdue a hairless primate who was amusing himself in the dark by transferring boogers from his nose to mine. Sharing is caring.  Running before daylight is killing.

If these Saturday shenanigans continue, my dear husband may discover he indeed has something to run from.  His exercise of choice may take on a whole new range of health benefits, including preventing his untimely death. If he can outrun me. This morning, his odds aren’t good.

10 thoughts on “Running Is Hazardous to Your Health

  1. Oh my god, I am so glad that I have found someone that shares my passion for sleeping in and not being disrupted at the ungodly hours. I have recently become a huge fan of running as it sure helps reduce my stress levels. However, I would not do it at that kinda of time even if you paid me to. Your husband has hopefully already picked up on your vibe on his early sessions before he gets himself killed! Take it easy and I hope you get to make up for lost sleep. Nothing worse than feeling like a zombie secondary to sleep deprivation.

  2. Haha. Can’t stop smiling at your post.
    I run but not much lately due to injuries. I can understand your husband’s passion but you do have a point. Running is addictive ;).

    Well written or rather well ventilated ……

  3. I’m sorry your blissful sleep was ruined. Perhaps the chimpanzee will come back with more boogers another night. As a person who does not run unless I’m being chased by something that wishes to eat me, I can’t wrap my head around the people who do it for fun at the butt crack of dawn. Any person who willingly gets out of a cozy bed to run around the streets in tight clothes must be nutso.

    Does your husband show any other signs of being disturbed?

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