How Do I Make This Work?

Gratuitous snake shot. Just because.

So I’ve decided. I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath, so consider this the de-bating zone. I’m going to do it. I am taking the NaNoWriMo challenge. No idea how to get the little logo on my blog, and I’m not sure anyone will actually care, but I am in. All signed up and everything. I am going to finally work on my book this month.

But it’s a trade-off. I read the Terms of Service. There’s nothing in there about magically being allotted 3 more hours to my clock each day. Which seems a little unfair, but whatever. This means that in order to find the time to work on my book, I’m going to have to make some sacrifices. If I cut these things out of my life, I may be able to make this project work:

1) Television time. We’ve finished Firefly, Downton Abbey, and Sherlock, anyway. And I’m having trouble getting into Buffy. So maybe I take a break from watching any DVD’s. It’s just bonding time with my husband, anyway. If he wants to feel close to me in November, he can always sit in a kitchen chair and watch me type. That’s what every guy wants, right?

2) Using the toilet. I drink a lot of water, therefore I spend some time in the john. When you combine the time for each individual trip, that’s a good fifteen to twenty minutes a day just wasted. I can,um, eliminate this time-consumer one of two ways. I can quit drinking anything at all, or I can invest in some adult diapers.

3) Parenting my toddler. He’ll be three next month. How much does he still actually need me, anyway? I am sure he will agree to quit climbing the cabinets and trying to get himself killed for the month of November. He can take one for the team, right? I can always record my most common admonitions and simply click a button so he can hear “If you want fruit snacks, please finish your oatmeal,” “Is that your poop?” or “If you jump on the couch one more time, I am selling you to the circus.”

4) Sleeping. It makes the most sense to write when the kids are asleep. Forget that I usually fall asleep within an hour of the little one’s bedtime, myself. I can keep myself awake, and I am sure the quality of my work will not suffer. And this week Daylight Saving Time kicks in, so there’s an extra hour right there. I am beginning to feel like this can work.

5) Reading. If I go more than a day without reading, I feel like life is not worth living. But editing my own work will be just as relaxing, I am sure. I guess I need to quit reserving books at the library. At least books with more than 20 pages.

6) Cooking. The time it takes to dump beans into my pressure cooker and then transfer them to the slow-cooker is totally unnecessary. Man cannot live by beans alone. Let them eat mac and cheese. The big ones can make it themselves. And no peanut allergies here.

7) Eating. Maybe I don’t have to eliminate this activity altogether. I can eat while I am writing. Note to self: hire maid to cook for me.

8 ) Laundry. Wait. Who am I kidding?

9) My blog? It sometimes takes me a couple of hours to actually complete, edit, and post a blog. I don’t want to quit my blog. Although my husband hints that he would read it more regularly if I posted less regularly. Wait. How does that work? I think he’s trying to tell me something…

10) Procrastination. If I can gather the courage to break through this creative constipation and actually sit down to write my book, good things can happen. But what if they don’t? Maybe that fear is what is holding me back.

I’ve got an actual chance to get things rolling today. My mom invited the smallest over for the day. To borrow words from Bob the Builder, “Can we do it?” and from his less confident friend, “Yes, I think so.”



22 thoughts on “How Do I Make This Work?

  1. Good luck! I tried last year, and only made half the word count (maybe having a two-month-old at the time had something to do with that . . . but maybe not). Anyway I got some jitters out and starting writing something I was much happier with a few months later. Still worth it, no matter how it turns out! Enjoy it 🙂

  2. I just checked the NaNoWriMo and I have to say, Kudos to you. Kids, a blog (sometimes it feels like having another kid, with the amount of time and attention it needs), a household and the aspirations to finish a novel in a month. You are my hero. Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes.

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