Nearly Wordless Wednesday

“Nearly wordless? How can it be nearly wordless?” “Like this:”

Pictures + handful of words = nearly wordless.

How much writing will I actually get done this month? I took my eyes off my son for five minutes to write yesterday’s blog, and this:

Haunted, awesome jack o'lantern, designed by my high schooler

became this:

Yes. Those are his shoes. But wait. It gets better.

Wow. That's a lot of shoes. To stuff into a jack o'lantern.

So exactly how many shoes can one jack o’lantern hold? Four pairs. Plus a four-foot nylon leash and a flexi-lead. But that’s all.

Please don’t ask why  he does that. The answer is simple. Because he can.

Where's a good place to hide this cracker. OR my shoes. What about a pumpkin?

14 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. I love the ingenuity of the storage place. See, now you know that it’s possible to fit 4 pairs of shoes in a jack o’ lantern. Would you have ever made this discovery without his efforts?

  2. I’ve never thought about this before but, d’you know, I think at age 60 I, too, might like to try stuffing a pair of shoes into a pumpkin. Is that sad, or what?

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