A Shocking Truth

I am a liberated woman. So I thought.

It happened a few years ago. I walked into my daughter’s room and discovered my husband sitting in her floor. And they were having The Talk. I was so upset that I left the room.

I don’t believe in gender roles in marriage or in parenting. He is just as much her parent as I am. But I always assumed that I would be the one to sit her down and impart this information. I was horrified, really. It just seemed weird that he was the one educating our daughter on this stuff. He’s a guy! Sure, I would expect his input with the boys. There’s some technical stuff they’ll have to hear from him, but our little girl?! Really? But there he was, holding her little hands, looking into her eyes and saying:

“Sweetie, you can’t wear plaids and stripes together…”

I know. I couldn't believe it, either.


24 thoughts on “A Shocking Truth

  1. The important thing is the result: did she truly understand what he was telling her? I’m sure when you find her dashing about in her matching outfits, you’ll forget all about gender roles and heave a sigh of relief that Dad did the hard work.

    Well done.

    • Don’t ever, ever, ever say that to my husband. I am no fashion maven. My most solid rule is that my Harry Potter T-shirt and jacket must both come from the same movie. For him, however, the red sneakers with purple pants represents a child not well-brought-up.

  2. Brilliant.
    It does remind me of my dad *trying* to have The Talk with me. He sat at the end of the bed and blurted out something along the lines of “I just want you to know…I mean…your mum…you’re growing up…periods…I know about periods…if you…if mum is ever away or out…and you need…you start…uh…I know where her sanitary towels are.” And he fled.

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