The Numbers Are Up

It is day 17 of NaNoWriMo. I can’t stay away from my stats page. I love numbers. How they go up, up, up (on a good day), what they say about me (watching “Friends” while writing has a negative impact on productivity. Shocking and disappointing), how many words I have to cough up in a day if I even hope to finish on time (831. Thank you… thank you)

There are some other stats that you may find interesting. Or maybe not. But whatever.

Cups of coffee since NaNoWriMo began:  63. Primarily French roast. But I’m finding that making coffee is a bit time-consuming and have taken to just chewing on the beans. Beans. Scenes. Jeans. Paula Deanes. What’s that buzzing sound?

Loads of laundry washed, folded, and put away: 13 (All in the first two days when I was struggling to find my muse. Since then, nothing. My family is now forced to gird their loins in tea towels. But if it’s good enough for Dobby, it’s darned well good enough for them.Too bad it’s November. And kind of cold.)

Times I’ve checked Facebook/Twitter/Subjot in search of distraction:  342

Total inspirations found on said sites: 0

Times computer has been yelled at: 23

Number of items thrown at the computer: 0. My computer’s age is approximately 142 in laptop years. It can’t tolerate any rough handling. I’m even trying to cut back on the yelling because I really don’t want to hurt its feelings.

Times I have nearly deleted the entire work by mistake: 3. It is now backed up three different ways each day because I am afraid I may be too exhausted or stupid to complete the process without accidentally deleting at least a day’s worth of work.

Number of updates  and new features added to Facebook: 27. I think. It might actually be more. The most annoying one right now is the “sort” feature. It resets everyday. Hey, Facebook! You seem to recall that I once read an article on whoopie cushions about 2 years ago. Think you can try to remember that I want to view the page in chronological order?

Number of illnesses Mr. Squish has brought home: This one is hard to say, as he has had a runny nose and cough since September. But at least one big one. That he gave to me. That sent me to bed to sleep for 17 hours. How I wish that was an exaggeration. How I wish I could do that again. The sleep, not the snots.

Boxes of Annie’s Mac and Cheese the kids have been served: Three. Judge me now.

Hours spent on-line shopping: 5

Items purchased: One. A little belty kind of thing for my vacuum cleaner. It was $2, which seems expensive for a giant rubber band. Hope that means it comes complete with someone to install it.

Times I have checked the tracking number on the package: 5. And it’s in a different spot every, single time. It went from Kentucky to Georgia. Too bad I’m in Tennessee. It’s now scheduled to arrive on or by the 21st. Of November, I think.

New goal: to complete my 50K before the part arrives. It could happen. If I use the time I would have spent vacuuming to actually write. Weird. It seems like i can hear my husband laughing. Maybe it’s the wind.


Number of words written: 38373. And they are mostly different ones. I was afraid at first that in order to meet my goal, I would end up writing the words “Oh, poop! What the heck have I gotten myself into?” 5000 times. So, yay!

Even better, this  marks my 100th blog post. I think I read in the WordPress Terms of Service that when I hit “publish” today, a genie will grant me a wish. I’ll let you know.



31 thoughts on “The Numbers Are Up

  1. Wowzers! Mega word count! As one of your writing buddies I think you should know I am only 19,668 words behind you. I think only ONE of us will successfully finish this challenge. Obviously, that person will be me.

  2. I so envy you. I was waiting for NaNoWriMo for a long time, I couldn’t stop all the story developing in my head and was just jumping with anticipation to start-start-start writing! Then I had 6 fantastic days of writing and it was great … and then it was over.
    I finished the entire first draft on the 6th of November and now I’m editing but it’s not so much fun as just writing-writing-writing!

      • You’ve done more laundry, written more words AND eaten more macaroni and cheese than I have. I should be offended that I’m not your muse, but I’ll get over it. Why? Because I currently have two dozen cupcakes and a dozen blueberry muffins cooling on the counter. THAT, my friend, is a distraction. :p

    • I still judge me for it, but they like it okay. I keep telling myself that it will go back to normal in December, but I am not sure I remember what normal looks like. I think it was the 15lb lighter me from 20 years ago…

  3. B-Cliche: I just released my post this week and you were the first to “like” it which means, “I don’t think you’re writing! You can’t let anything distract you–not even my writing. The great American novel is in your brain. Get back to work! 🙂

  4. Congrats on all the words and blog posts. And the laundry. The only way I can force myself to actually put the laundry away is to dump the clean laundry on my bed, so that I’m forced to put it away if I want to ever sleep again.

  5. NANO is cool. I did it my freshman year of high school, and now I’m even writing a magazine story about it. Yeah!
    Good luck doing it! Are you hoping to publish this work after editing it?

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  7. I don’t know what “NaNoMo…whatever” is, but good for you! Hehehe. Sounds like you’ve been working hard, anyway! Thanks for commenting on my blog – I appreciate it.

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