Nearly Wordless Wednesday

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are some things I’m thankful for.

Nature. God is in the small things.

Baby carriers that keep Squish out of trouble.

Magic first moments

Tidy children who put their things away. I’m sure that’s the proper parking place.

Old friends. Like, really old friends. He’s older than everyone in my family put together. Hey, Tex! Love ya, man!

Brotherly love

Hiking trails we haven’t died on. Yet.

People besides me who know how to use a camera so that in 60 years the children will not be asking themselves “What DID Mom look like?”

Happy Thanksgiving. Now, who’s ready for a feast?


17 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. That is an issue–mom in the picture stuff. I took the videos and the pictures, much to everyone’s consternation. Of course, they have watched them a gazillion times and laughed so much! But who is the mystery woman behind the camera?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I struggle to keep up with my thoughts…too many and too little time to actually put them down to record forever. I laughed really hard about the being thankful for someone else to take the picture! I wonder about that sometimes…I have the same tendency to take all the pictures.

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