Getting Our Groove Back

Yes. It's an oscar. Maybe not the kind you're thinking of, but I couldn't find a license-free image of the statuette. I'm learning to work with what I have.


I love movies. There was a time in my life when I not only had heard of every Academy Award nominee for Best Picture, I had actually seen most of them. The kids are getting older now, and I’m determined to get that movie-buff groove back. On a whim, I decided that 2011 would be my year. My goal was to see every Best Picture nominee from the year. I’m here to review for you the ones that I have seen to date.

Three things you should know about me:

1) I embarrass easily. I prefer movies with no potty mouth and little to no skin, and certainly no dirty parts. And graphic violence makes me hide under the blanket. Movies about nuns or puppies tend to get a thumbs up for me. A movie about nuns with puppies are sheer bliss.

2) I do not read the blurb on movies or books. I don’t like spoilers.

3) There may be spoilers in this post. Please proceed with caution.

And now, without further ado, a review of the Oscar nominees my husband and I have seen so far.

Toy Story III – We’ve seen all the others. Aww. Andy’s all grown up! Wait! Mom, you moron! You just threw out Buzz and the gang! What’s wrong with you? OPEN THE BAG before you take it to the trash! Sorry. I got carried away. Okay, cute bear! No, wait! Evil bear! Psychological warfare! Are they going to melt and die?  Can toys die? Where are my dollies? I need to get them out of storage and tell them I love them forever and always.

The King’s Speech– Beautiful story, wonderfully acted. It always makes me feel good to see Bellatrix LeStrange being nice to people. I wonder if the Dark Lord told her to. Standing ovation. That was great!

Inception –  Whoa. What just happened? Wait. It’s happening again. Is it real? Am I real? Good, fun stuff. Popcorn was a little too salty.

The Social Network – Mark Zuckerberg is a real turd and Facebook is trying to take over the world. And then we watched the movie.

The Kids Are Alright – Hmm. Interesting. No, wait! Did you have to do that? Ugh, no! My eyes! MY EYES! What are they doing? No, really. I don’t get it.  Make up your mind! Him or her? And put your clothes back on! The kids may be alright, but one of their moms is kind of messed up.

We still have a few on our list that we haven’t seen, but I’m not sure I’m going to.

127 Hours seems too long for me.

True Grit is a cowboy movie, and I’ve already seen one of those. Woody nearly got killed.

Winter’s Bone sounds a little violent. Or dirty. Or cold.

Black Swan is next on the list. I think it’s about ballerinas, so it can’t be bad, right?


25 thoughts on “Getting Our Groove Back

  1. Oh, sweetie! My Hubby and I used to go to the movies ALL THE TIME! We would go to one movie and when it let out, we’d sneak along the corridor and enter another movie. Sometimes we’d see 3 or more movies a week. Can you imagine?

    After kids, I stopped going to the movies as much and I’m not sorry for it. Most of what’s out there isn’t worth my time. I’ve gotten much pickier and I like it.

    I loved the nakedness in Kids Are All Right. I’d never say no to Mark Ruffalo stripping down to his skivvies (which he seems to do abundantly on film) but it’s good to read about your standards. We all need them.

    I did see “Winter’s Bone” and I think I’m the only person in America who was not gaga for it (at all). I think it was overrated.I think you may not like the seediness of it–it’s not exactly about anything wholesome. Well acted, though. It was sort of a snoozer and too cliche for me.

    Hated Inception. Didn’t see Social Network, but want to. Meh on King’s Speech, though I found it effective and well-acted. LOVED Toy Story III–we saw it 2ce! What a great flick.

    And LOVED, to my surprise, Black Swan. I did review it on my blog and I don’t think you should see it. NOT SAFE for anything anywhere based on your standards. Oh, I also didn’t like True Grit. Silly me, I just don’t fit in with the critics’ darling picks.

    I did write a review of “Black Swan” on my blog, if you are interested.

    You might like “Tree of Life.” It has some beautiful, beautiful stuff going on (as does all Malick) but ultimately I didn’t dig a lot of things about it.

    One of the best movies of the year was a little indie film called “Queen of the Sun.” I also reviewed that on my blog. You could watch the trailer on youtube. Don’t miss this film!

    Thanks for the space and for your post. Very refreshing take on The Movies!

  2. Watch out on Black Swan if you’re afraid of dirty/scary/violent parts! All that aside, it’s quite interesting.

    Winter’s Bone was really good, actually. I have a lot of thoughts on it, but since you don’t like spoilers, I’ll restrain. 🙂 It’s definitely worth a viewing, especially if you’re interested in subcultures.

  3. Toy Story 3 was awesome. I’ll admit I almost cried at the end with Andy leaving Woody behind. It’s my little sister’s favorite movie.

  4. I haven’t seen Black Swan yet. It’s definitely on my list of movies I need to get around to watching. Inception still has me confused even though I thought it was a great movie. I thought Winter’s Bone was a good movie. But I found it very disturbing. It’s not exactly a feel good movie, but it still managed to drag me in. It was one of those movies that was almost painful to watch but I felt I had to keep watching to see how things turned out.

  5. Love the movies, I have not been able to get out much without the kids though. I just recently went see Breaking Dawn Part I on my own during the day. I think I was the oldest person and I felt even worse b/c I was all alone….lol

  6. Who can afford to go to the movies? Do people still go? That being said, I did go to the theater to see Toy Story 3, Inception, King’s Speech, and The Kids are Alright. I bawled twice during Toy Story 3–I’m never sure how I feel about movies that can manipulate my emotions like that. Hated Inception. Loved King’s Speech and the Kids are Alright. I’ll let my other half weigh in on True Grit. I wasn’t a fan, but I don’t tend to be into the Cohens’ films.

  7. Spoiler alert! Woody doesn’t die in True Grit, but there is a major accident involving his horse Bullseye. I think it has something to do with the stagecoach that turns into a robot. (And did you know it’s snowing on your blog? I’ll bring a sweater next time.)

  8. True Grit = epic awesomeness. You should watch it. Though there are some parts you may want to hide under your blanket. Thankfully, they’re short-lived, and the girl in that movie TOTALLY MAKES THE MOVIE. She’s amazing. It’s a “want-to-own” for us.

    127 Hours = thought-provoking and heart-string-tugging. Graphic in its true story portrayal. GREAT message to walk away with. And, amazingly well-acted and directed. Loved it. But don’t want to watch it again.

    I loved the King’s Speech! LOVED it.

    I have no desire to see Black Swan. It looks scary.

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