Nearly Wordless Wednesday: A Tiny Misunderstanding

I wondered why my little Santaphobe was suddenly on board with paying a visit. He was suddenly so excited to see Santa. “Go see Santa and sit on his lap!” became his favorite phrase over the weekend. So on Monday, I loaded him into the car and we went. And on the way, it became clear. “You sit Santa’s lap, Squish take ‘pitcher.'” Oh. In the manner of parents desperate for that precious picture with Santa, I discussed, explained, negotiated, and bribed. So here’s what we agreed on:



No. Not this. This:


Yes, indeed. Sometimes the toddler wins.


It would almost be worth sending Christmas cards this year.




Santa photo:


23 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: A Tiny Misunderstanding

  1. Loving the photo! It made me think of my oldest’s first photo with Santa. She was only around 6 months old, and she refused to sit directly on Santa’s lap. Instead, she sat on my lap, and I sat on Santa, who pinched my bum!

    I say send the photo out!!

  2. Ahaha! I love it! I just got mine done too. And by mine I mean ‘me’. I too had to sit for the photo, but thankfully my children were also in the photo…though looking a little like deer in the headlights. Great post. You should definitelyt send that one out as a Christmas card.

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