The Cure For Rampant Holiday Consumerism

Clean your garage/attic/basement/closets before making out your holiday wish list. After a few hours of sorting through crap and muttering “Why did I ever keep this in the first place,” you will never want anyone to give you another thing as long as you live. You’re welcome.


And that's not counting the tubs of Christmas decorations that are currently sitting in my living room. I would like a large dumpster for Christmas, please.


32 thoughts on “The Cure For Rampant Holiday Consumerism

  1. Add to that how much I hate shopping (yeah, I know, my husband still can’t believe he got this lucky), and you end up with a ‘no gifts for adults’ policy. That’s what we have in my family, and it works a treat. Ok, my grandparents get home-made diabetic cookies (which is ok as we like to bake during the season anyway), and everyone who lives too far away to see our little monster more than a couple of times a year gets a photo calendar of him. Full stop. Other than that, we just enjoy being together, having good food and dodging the pre-Christmas shopping craze. Result!
    Thanks for this inspiring post, I wish more people would see that Christmas is not all about buying useless stuff!

    • Done that, too. I once threw away a piece of total junk in my son’s room. A few days later, he was asking where it went because he needed it. “Um, just keep looking, sweetie. I’m sure you’ll find it when you clean out your room…”

  2. If you haven’t used it within a year, let it go! I try to do this, every once in a while it comes back to bite me. Like the toaster oven I donated last year, turns out when I shattered the glass in my oven and was waiting for a replacement, I really needed it. But generally, we can all do with a little less. I Enjoy your posts! 🙂

  3. I’m terrible at never throwing away things, but I’m trying to get better.

    In other news, CHECK YOUR BLOG EMAIL (in case it’s an email address you don’t normally check). I have exciting news for you!

  4. Yes, and yes. Also yes. I wish I could persuade my side of the family to give fewer gifts. But I try to recognize that they want to give, and isn’t that nice? I just don’t have much that I ask for!

  5. I solve this problem by having no closets. At all. If it doesn’t fit under the bed, I don’t keep it! Except for the cardboard cutout of Aragorn, of course. That one stays right by my front door to greet me and freak out visitors, as is right and proper.

  6. Just last night I was fuming because I was down in the basement and I couldn’t find the hamper when I wanted to do the laundry. The hamper is usually located near the washer and dryer. But a certain person who’s identity shall be kept secret, had put the hamper in the shower stall in the basement. Silly me! Of course that’s the first place I should have looked when I couldn’t find it!

    So why was the hamper in the shower stall? It was moved in there to get it out of the way, so “identity protected” could move around two tons of crap that shouldn’t be down there to begin with, to look for something she couldn’t find. It wouldn’t surprise me if Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction were never found in Iraq, because they’re buried under all the worthless junk in our basement! I want TWO dumpsters for Christmas!

      • Yes, I know what you mean :< and what a relief! I thought you were tossing such a treasure! I guess we should try to achieve a healthy balance between hoarding and throwing things out. A challenge, indeed!

  7. Every year I think I’m not going to open a single box and that I’ll put the whole lot on the porch for donation. And, every year it ends up decorating the halls once again. Or, at least half of it does. The other half ends up back in the boxes with the thought, “That is so getting donated.”

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