Update: I’m Being Thwarted

I'm onto you, woman. Stay out of my bed. Stay far, far away.


***I do apologize to those who got the first draft in their inbox with its questionable title. Big shout-out to WordPress for including Urban Dictionary trash words in their spell check.


So yesterday I shared my list of Resolutions. Yes, it’s a capital letter. Because they’re that important. And I expected to run into a few roadblocks along the way, but not right out of the starting gate. The universe is conspiring against me.

#2 is becoming a bigger challenge than I thought, as the cats have taken to sleeping on the couch in the family room. I know better that to wee where I Wii, so I must wait.

#4 is a little dicey, as well. The moment I hit “publish” and announced to the world that I plan to blog five days a week, my computer began making strange noises, as though is were filled with African killer bees. I should have known. In the middle of editing the post, it gave me the blue-screen of death and for 15 minutes, I thought I had lost everything. My computer is roughly 143 in laptop years, so I should be realistic.If you don’t hear from me for awhile, it’s because I had to take it out in a field and shoot it.

#6 is not as much fun as I wanted it to be. The temperature here dropped well below freezing, so the thought of outdoor exercise of any kind is unpleasant. My husband decided yesterday that I should go to a mall to get some walking in. I put on my polyester stretch pants and went for it, and what a mistake that was! I barely got out of there alive. Between the choking fumes pumped into the corridor by that hot clothing retailer Armpit & Stench and the cute little train that was someone’s genius idea to make holiday shopping in a crowded mall more death-defying than ever, I decided that indoor exercise is not worth it. Does it matter if I lose 15lbs if I meet my end under the wheels of a mall-train?

#8 reared its ugly head, as well. I know I am not to compare my progress to others’, but how can I not? There’s a fitness center in my area that has been posting billboards with esoteric close-ups of bare skin. I’m not even sure what body-part I am looking at. Is it a thigh? Abs? An armpit? I don’t know, but I get the very strong feeling that my whatever-it-is should look like that, too. And I am sad. There’s a new one where the model looks more like challah bread than an actual person. I KNOW I am sorely lacking in braided-bread-body-parts. And I am dissatisfied. There is someone shinier and lumpier than I, and it is not fair.

On the up-side, my husband returned to work this morning, and I have not yet let my dog Phoebe drink out of his coffee mug. Though she is looking pretty comfortable on his side of the bed and has asked to try on his racing shoes later this morning. Hey, a girl can’t change overnight.

30 thoughts on “Update: I’m Being Thwarted

  1. I hate resolution road blocks! Dash it all…

    Can you do it? YES YOU CAN! ~Bob the builder believes in you.

    I commend your blogging goal- that is way more than I can attempt (my weekly limit falls right around 3).

    Best of luck!

  2. If you can’t tell what body part you’re looking at, maybe the picture on the billboard really is challah bread. Perhaps what they’re trying to say is “work out at our gym and then enjoy a nice snack at our new state-of-the-art challah bar”.

  3. I notice it is all your even numbered resolutions that are giving you problems which is really…..odd. A thank you. Thank you very much.

  4. After reading this, I had to check out your list of resolutions. #2 made me laugh because one of my cats peed in my bed once. (I’d get her back, but she sleeps in my bed. On my side.)

    You do know that just by stating resolutions, you’re tempting fate to smack you down, right? Oh well, good luck anyway. Maybe this was just a coincidental rocky start…

  5. Haha! So funny. Thank you. I, too, am becoming my mother and sometimes find myself turning around to look at her, not present, when I am speaking to my children. I am excited to find a blogger who approaches this fact of (a mother’s) life, as well as all its related topics, and whose writing is refreshing and enjoyable. (BTW, came by here from Radical Amazement.)

  6. Good grief! You’re forever a war with the cat, aren’t you? Would she agree to a truce? Good luck with you’re resolutions you’ve still got the whole year to go after them 🙂

  7. If your computer is 143 in laptop years, the one I have at my office must be at least 200. You can always re-enact the scene from Office Space and take your laptop to a deserted field and beat it with a bat. That might be more exhilarating than shooting it. 🙂 As for the pets, don’t be so hard on yourself. We put up the white flag long ago!

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