Beat Those Post-Holiday Blues

There is no fun left in my life.


Today is Epiphany. Three Kings Day. El Dia de los Reyes. The Wise Men have found baby Jesus and have presented them with their gifts. It’s all over for another year. It is common to feel a bit of a let-down after the anticipation of the holidays has passed, and that’s where I come in. Here are some ways to keep the spirit alive all year long.


1) Don’t think of it as laundry. Think of it as gift wrap for your body. Now isn’t it more fun to fold your undershorts, er,  I mean garland?

2) Your letter carrier is Santa Claus, delivering surprises the whole year through. Got a new seed catalog? You’ve been GOOD! Yay! Visa bill? You’ve been bad. See how fun this is?

3) Speaking of Visa bills, what better way to keep the Christmas spirit alive than by paying for that XBox all year long! It becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Or taking, really, at 15.3% APR, but who’s counting?

4) Think of dust as snow in your living room. We have just had a blizzard. I’m sipping my hot chocolate and watching the kids make dust angels in the floor.

5) You’re not grocery shopping. You’re buying gifts for your entire family. Gifts that will keep them from starving, and not-starving is the best gift of all!

6) Who says ugly sweaters are just for Christmas-time? It’s still cold outside, right? Pull out that monstrosity and wear it to the office. Who knows? You may just start a trend!

7) Need those kids to behave? Elf on a Shelf losing his effectiveness? Up the ante. Buy an original Weeping Santa. When the kids ask why Santa is crying, tell them that he wouldn’t if they were only a little better behaved. If you really want to get their attention, choose one with a weeping puppy. The kids will appreciate your commitment to raising them well.

Happy Holidays all year round, friends!



48 thoughts on “Beat Those Post-Holiday Blues

  1. And if you really want the Christmas spirit all year long, just leave your decorations up! I don’t know why its so much fun to decorate but when it comes to putting things away I’m completely uninspired. My living room still looks like Christmas threw up on it…

  2. HILARIOUS! I loved this! I can’t really even choose which one is my favorite b/c they are all hilarious. Well, given my obsession with the Elf on the Shelf… maybe the “Original Weeping Santa” would be the stand-out 😉 hahahaha

  3. This is something I hope the retail industry picks up on soon. There’s no reason to ever take down the Christmas decorations in my opinion. I get upset when I see the garland and trees in August and know that Christmas is only a short 4 months away…

  4. I must be very bad, because Visa reminds me with a bill every month 😦

    I like the grocery shopping one. I’ll remind the kids how lucky they are that we buy them the gift of food each week.

    P.S. Adorable kitty.

  5. Thank you! This list is exactly what I needed after the first week back at school. The only thing worse than your kids going back to school and their grumpiness over having to leave the dsi, xbox and new puppy at home…is when you are the 1st grade teacher! I got to spend the last four days with these blissful creatures! lol….now I am sitting at the kitchen counter, enjoying the snow around me and playing a bit too much castleville on facebook 🙂

  6. I just wanna know how you come up with these funnies…a God given gift? As always….I thank you for the laughs cuz my one and only resolution this year is to laugh and smile a little more.

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