Moving On

If it doesn't come with a mouse, I am no longer sure how to use it.

I got an e-reader for my birthday. Being able to curl up in bed, electric mattress cover set to high, is about as close to heaven as it gets in this life.

Last night I was sitting in my living room reading. No matter how hard I tapped, the page stubbornly refused to change. I was ready to bang the thing on the ground when my husband spoke up.

“Babe, you sent the reader back. That’s an actual book.”

I stared at him, puzzled. He rolled his eyes and explained. Apparently, I have to turn the page manually, and he showed me how. Grip page between fingers, move to left. Every single time I finish a page. Really? What are we? Cave people? I feel my carpal tunnel kicking in.

I was super-annoyed when the book didn’t save my progress, either. Apparently, I have to slide a thin, flat object such as my library card or a twenty-dollar bill between the pages and hold the spot myself.  Confusing, but I will learn. You can teach this new dog old tricks.

I found a CD that I wanted, but no matter where I clicked on it, or how hard,  I couldn’t add it to my shopping cart.  The sales clerk gave me a dirty look and finally put it in my hands. People are so weird. And as I was checking out, I had the hardest time with the shipping options.

“You just take it with you,” said the lady behind the counter. An actual counter. Seriously low-tech.

“Or?” I asked. But apparently, that was the only option. That is unfortunate. I love getting mail. But then again, I don’t have to wait two business days to receive it. I suppose it’s a trade-off.

It’s a difficult adjustment, but it’s not all bad. I went into my family room and discovered that if I am looking for something to read, there are literally hundreds of those weird paper versions to choose from. That’s kind of cool. I never did find instructions on how to get my collection onto the reader to begin with. Waving it around in front of the shelves never worked, and the USB port seemed kind of a small target to shove them in. I might actually be low-tech at heart.

I think I’ll be okay.


30 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. If ever something were to happen to my Kindle (knock on wood) I would have to replace it immediately. I am so dependent on it now, and I read almost incessantly. Without it, I would be lost.

  2. There’s a really fun book that addresses this strange phenomena of books called, “It’s a Book.” I was going to give you the link to it, but knowing your feelings toward Amazon these days, I refrained.

  3. That was so funny, i read the first sentence and then thought, my this girl has a hard time with gadgets, didn’t we just go through this? Ah but no you have joined us once again in low tech world! Welcome back.. c

  4. Although I DO prefer actual “books” i must admit that sometimes I feel compelled to order something from Amazon or Zappos or SOMEWHERE just for the thrill of having something delivered. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as the sound of a UPS truck rumbling to a stop just outside. I think I’ll have my pizzas shipped to me from now on, actually.

  5. I got a Sony e-reader as a gift this year. I chose this one because it allows me to borrow books from my local library as well as purchase books online. I love big thick books to read, but since I take public transportation to & from work every day, sometimes these big books are a pain in the shoulder (literally). So I am going to try to my e-reader & see how I get on. I hope I have better luck than you did with your gadget!
    As a newbie follower, just wanted to let you know I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts!

  6. It has been way too long since I read your HILARIOUS blog. You have split my sides and left me gasping for breath and today that might just qualify as a life saving intervention!

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