Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Superbowl Pick

I heard on the radio yesterday that this Sunday is the big night of commercials game. Avid sports fan that I am, I thought I would share Squish’s most expert pick.


Introducing the judge:

I would bet all my money on this guy's pick. I'd vote him for president. He's obviously adventurous.


And now for your Superbowl champion…


That is, indeed, a super bowl. It is obviously using The Force on his hair.


A closeup of the victor


And you thought I didn’t know anything about basketball…soccer?…cricket?



24 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Superbowl Pick

  1. Three thoughts 1-Dont lose that, star war geeks (i mean) fans love that stuff !
    2- It’s not worse than Justin beibers former do
    3- we all know its about the commercials. Have you seen David Beckhams? Mmmmm !

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