Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Something’s Not Right Here

Lego has just come out with a new product called Lego Friends. They come in pink boxes. And you can get a Butterfly Beauty Shop and give makeovers to your girl Lego figures.

The toy box will never be the same. I just took a peek, and  Emma and Mia have been doing a color analysis on the Storm Troopers and convinced Chewbacca to shave. Olivia is leading a campfire sing-along with the battle droids after dinner. We are witnessing the collapse of natural order.

Harry and Voldie, chillaxing? What is wrong with this picture?


.You have to click the links. Seriously.


29 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Something’s Not Right Here

  1. Wow… just wow… I dunno what to say… I guess this is in response to the new “Lincolns Wife Log Motel – Because she didn’t like roughing it?”

    You know what we have here is a whole new generation of little brothers getting their sisters hand-me-downs…

  2. Legos are so much fun. It is funny to watch girls play with them. Tea parties, emotional dramas, getting married, having sisters, and “I’m the mom” stuff so cute. I might have to get my daughter a makeover set.

      • Not to stir up anything, but Lego for the last few months of last year started having surveys online. One of the survey questions was what we (customers) wanted to see more of. One option was stuff designed for girls. I picked that as one of the things I wanted to see because my 5 year old only wants to play with girly stuff.

        The problem is most “girly” toys are strictly dress up, or playset kinds of things. I wanted to give my daughter something that she would like (girly), but that she could also have some other types of play with. Even though it is girly and still involves fashions, etc. My daughter followed the building instructions and made the small set of the “friends” that I bought her.

        I also like legos because Sometimes it is really, really hard to “play Barbies” with her, but it is fun to build Lego sets.

      • No worries. Some folks really love them. My problem with them is that, instead of creating themes within the product line itself that would appeal to both girls AND boys, they have created a whole separate line of products. It’s like they are affirming that Lego sets are for boys, and girls get these pink and purple things.

        Playmobil does a fantastic job of creating things that appeal to both genders while keeping the color-scheme pretty much the same. You can use all sets of Playmobil side-by-side. Vet clinic, firehouse, school house, zoo. Not so much with the pink and purple creations.

  3. I clicked on some links. Those ladies look like backstabbers trashing each other as they whisper insults into one another’s ears. And….that lipstick at the Butterfly Beauty Shop. Let’s just say, it was huge…I don’t think it was lipstick.

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