Looking For Silver Linings

The season of Lent is approaching, and I am spending some time getting ready. While I do choose something to give up every year, I also try to add a positive habit to my life. 40 days to a better me sounds great. This year, I will be learning to put a positive spin on whatever comes my way.

1) I had to take Squish out in public on Sunday with his coif completely untameable. It was bad. People stared.

Worse than this. Hard to believe, I know. And no amount of water would tame.

Silver lining: He found a flowered hat in the church nursery that covered his pillow-perm just fine. The matching purse was  just a bonus.


2) The book I am reading, A Discovery of Witches, is terrible. Bad. Derivative. I think the protagonist is supposed to be the anti-Bella. She is so fiercely independent that her new vampire boyfriend must save her from herself. By taking over her life.

Silver lining: All the eyeball-rolling I have done is building my ocular muscles. I may be the first to sport six-pack eyes. Care to work out with me? When someone threatens to kill Diana, vampire boyfriend Matthew helps her deal with her fear by taking her to yoga class. And roll. Hold it! Feel the burn?


3) This weekend, I had my daughter watch both Squish and the bread dough that was rising on the counter. The results indicate she has little actual knowledge of baking bread from scratch.

Silver lining: To her credit, she did remember which of her two charges she was supposed to punch the air out of and cover with a bowl.


4) My album did not win any Grammy awards last night. I guess the world is not ready for experimental kazoo.

Silver lining: I’m in good company. The Wiggles totally got dumped this year, too.


5) The lack of animal protein in my diet was getting to me yesterday, but owing to a vegetarian daughter, there was no meat in the fridge.

Silver lining: My neighborhood is full of cats. And squirrels. Tastes like chicken.


6) My son invited me to lunch at school. Sadly, his lunch started half an hour later than he thought it did.

Silver lining: I had plenty of time to observe the school children and realized that they all dress like orphans. I am no longer fussed at his inability to match his clothes. He may be a trend-setter for all I know.


7) We watched Frontier House this weekend. I know without a doubt that I would never have been able to grow enough food to survive a Montana winter.

Silver lining: I realize my limitations and appreciate my abilities.  I may not be able to grow my own food, but I can clone a carrot. Take that, you pioneer losers with your primitive tools and your self-respect! Seriously. Cloned a carrot in college. Why aren’t you writing that factoid down somewhere? There will be a quiz later.


8) WordPress takes me to task when I fail to use the optimal number of tags. I can never please them. It’s either too few or too many.

Silver lining: I am much stronger for the experience. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but automated suggestions can be ignored.


51 thoughts on “Looking For Silver Linings

  1. “The season of Lent is approaching”? Where do you live, in Florida? Over here, we had our first snow of the season last week! Can’t wait for it to get warmer again but mid-February, chances are decidedly slim 😦

  2. Here are my thoughts.
    1) I KNEW I was right not to read that witch book. I had to talk myself out of it more than once.
    2) Sam Wiggle was ROBBED.
    3) I recommend raccoon. There is a 3 legged one in my neighborhood that I have had my eye on for a while.
    4) You crack me up. I anoint you as my new favorite blog.

  3. Baguette is obsessed with combing my hair, but fights me sleepily in the morning when I try to comb hers. I am torn between dousing her with No More Tangles so that her hair looks smooth, or leaving her with fuzzy hair that doesn’t mean she’s going outside with wet hair in our increasingly chilly mornings.

    Fuzzy hair usually wins because when I get her to day care, I can blame it on the car seat.

  4. I believe this could be an amendment to your passive aggressive guide…..I remember a friend was having a horrible day, and while she was relaying her troubles to me she stopped mid-sentence, pointed at me and said “dont you dare get all “Poly Anna” on me !” (Those of us with a half full cup really irk those who have sprung a leak!)

  5. hypothetical circumstance: i’ve just run out of money

    silver lining: my parents and I get to remain financially tied for an indefinite amount of time.

    Those linings certainly are always there.

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