Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Truth About Us

I hate socks. Wearing them is great. Matching them is a pain. Someone gave Squish twelve pairs of precious little construction socks. And every pair is different. Why do they hate me? Don’t answer that.

Here’s what the kid is wearing today. And please ignore the dog hair. We’re hoping to clone Phoebe, and she is obliging by providing DNA. Lots and lots of it.

In my defense, these two vehicles are going to the same work-site. This is a matched pair in my book.



61 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Truth About Us

  1. My girls (who are a bit older than Squish, I admit) have lots of socks from Justice with the same issue – each pair is a different color. I don’t sweat it anymore. They wear what’s in their drawer, and they love a good mismatch. If it becomes an issue for them, I’m sure they’ll start taking care of their socks (read: stop leaving them everywhere they go, including playdates, the car, locker rooms, parks, the library…).

  2. Socks are the vain of my life, with two boys and a OH that wear about 10 pairs each a day, not that I exaggerate, I used to keep them all in a basket because I refused to pair them cos I don’t wear them, but I was fed up with seeing them on the landing so now they get chucked on the floor of their rooms and let them sort them! Sock rant over! X

    • I had a wash basket that was just for socks. I was the only one who used it. Made me sad. The two bigger kids do their own laundry now, but Squish’s socks are everywhere. And we still occasionally find an outgrown sock from my daughter. Socks never actually leave the house, even if thrown away.

  3. Ah, you know, matching socks are overrated. The other day I simultaneously had holes in two different socks. Because I couldn’t be asked to mend them, I simply relegated the holey ones to rags and declared the survivors a new pair, a blue-grey pair. No-one ever noticed, let alone commented, until it was their time to hit the rag box, too.

  4. Hmmmm, I did get new socks last night. One pair blue, one pair with polka dots. I would love to mix them up, but I know that my kids would call me on it immediately and demand I change into a matching pair.

  5. When I was about four, I had two pairs of canvas Mary Janes–one beige, one navy. One day I could only find one of each color. But I had one for each foot, so I figured it wasn’t that big a deal. To this day, I think the adult who laughed at me for wearing mismatched shoes was a jackass.

  6. They match. Look, they both obviously have the same overall theme and are the same size – they match. Right now my black and pink over the knee stripey sock and my white tube sock do NOT match.

  7. I wrote a blog around Christmas about socks… omg how I do hate socks! With 9 people in this house, the lonely sock basket is forever full. Saturday I matched up 65 pairs of socks. Today, one child actually shouted “mom, where are my socks?” I’m ready for disposables….

  8. It gets worse. Now they sell mis-matched packs of socks. Each “pair” comes with a solid and print, or 2 different solids or prints. It’s crazy. What is this world coming to? And I why can’t I just accept it and stop matching socks?!

  9. some of us never actually outgrow such habits…. Truth be told I walked into someone’s house (not as a stalker or anything, I was invited. Promise!) last weekend and realized I’d have to take my shoes off while there. Usually not a problem, except it was laundry day at our house, all my pairs of socks were in non pairs and I grabbed the first two I could find.

    In this case, it was a BRIGHT orange sock with toe thingies on it and a blue powerpuff girls sock…. (don’t judge me.. they were AWESOME). Luckily other than a few strange looks at my feet, no one really brought it up.

  10. I think I *might* have three pairs of socks that actually match. All the rest are like freshman college roommates – thrown together by fate and made to stand each other whether they want to or not.

  11. Lucky for me, my daughter loves to match the socks when I’m folding laundry. So that’s her job. Though every now and then my husband notices in a meeting that he is wearing one black and one navy sock….

  12. The “why do they hate me?” thing made me laugh out loud. Oh, wow, black fleece in my house is a big mistake. An hour into a black fleece pair of pants, we look like we’re wearing angora.

  13. My boys are now 12 and 14. As long as they put socks on I am happy. I gave up matching socks when I started getting them to dress themselves. I am lucky if they can do it without asking me to find something for them such as a certain shirt so all the socks are now whitish and as long as they fit, I have much bigger worries.

  14. We have bought the exact same socks in big batches for 5 years now. But we have hit the biggest size, and I shudder to think what will happen when he grows out of these. Stop growing feet!

  15. According to my very knowledgeable granddaughter, 9, this is the latest craze….. the mis-matched socks… I have discovered they can be purchased like that…. Now for this ever so O.C.D. mom, I think I would have massive heart palpatations should I have to deal with this… but I dont so my only contribution to this is …. long pants hide a multitude of sins!!! Hugs!

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