Because I’m Holding Out Hope

I will begin with an apology. Those of you who are disappointed at the lack of a real winter can blame me.  It’s my fault. I realized this evening that my daughter and I had not yet made this year’s rice socks. Winter has been holding back on us because Mother Nature knew we weren’t ready. Well, we’re ready now. So bring it. Bring. It.

If you’re doing a snow dance, also, you must make a rice sock, too. They’re just the thing to keep you toasty when the white stuff starts to fall. I apologize for the quality of the photos. My camera is misbehaving.

Here’s what you need:

White No-nutritional-value Rice  (about 1.5lb per sock)                                                                                                                                                            Sharpie                                                                                                                                                                                                         Lavender (optional)                                                                                                                                                Long sport sock  

You'll need this stuff. That's LAVENDER, thank you very much.

Step one is optional. If you decide to decorate the sock, however, it’s kind of important to use a Sharpie or some other permanent marker. Rice holds moisture, so using a washable marker means your design will come off. Usually on you.

Do yourself a solid. DON'T use washable markers. Don't ask how I know.

Step two is not optional. I like giving people choices, but if you skip the rice, all you’re left with is a sock. With a drawing on it. If it’s a sock puppet you’re after, that class is down the hall to the left.

If you just happen to have a hearing enhancer laying around after your over-the-hill birthday party, it makes a great funnel!

Step three is optional, as well. We like to add lavender because it adds such a sweet aroma. We buy ours at a local shop that sells herbs and spices in bulk. I think it cost $2 for the quarter ounce we used. We may grow some ourselves this spring.


The whole house smells like spring. I think. I'm still sick.

Now just tie off the end.

I can't tell if it's out of focus or if its markings have stretched.

And stick it in the microwave. For a sock this size, 90 seconds-2 minutes is a good range to start with, depending on the microwave. Remove carefully by the tied end. These things really do get hot and can burn your fingies.

Yes. That's a scorch mark on my microwave. It's what happens when you nuke something with the foil still on it. One of these days, my whole entire family will know that.

These little beauties hold heat for a surprisingly long time, and since it is moist heat, they’re great for soothing sore muscles. Now you’re ready for cold weather, too! Someone make the popcorn and pass me some hot chocolate!

***Becoming Cliche is not responsible for burns, scalds, lack of common sense, or bad artwork.

71 thoughts on “Because I’m Holding Out Hope

  1. That’s great! Someone recently gave me a knit snow beanie filled with giant dried corn and sewn shut. Takes 8 min to eat. Stays hot for hours! Numnumnum! Now if only it A)didn’t smell like popcorn and B)EVER snowed here. hehe. Mmmm lavender!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I’m going to steal my husb’s sock and make one now! Putting on the pounds + Sleeping on side = Sore shoulder – Ability to use BenGay or take Advil = Lingering pain. THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEED!!

  3. Hmm, the only thing these fantastic socks can’t do is keep my feet warm. Which is what I usually need most around this time of the year. 😦
    Still, neat idea. How often can you reuse them before the rice becomes too dry?

  4. I make rice bags also. I need an excuse to use my sewing machine so I sew the bags. We keep one in the fridge for “ouchies” that are usually caused by the brother/sister love/hate relationship. May also remove odor from fridge. . .

  5. We have lost our rice sock, and that makes me sad. Immediately, because I have a knot near my shoulder blade, and the rice sock would be perfect. For the theoretical future, because the fastest way I’ve found to get warm when you’re really cold is this: lie on the couch, put the heated rice sock at the soles of your feet, and cover you, your feet, and the rice sock with a blanket. Warm in no time.

  6. So this is like the magic bag which was sold here in Canada? I love my magic bag – it’s filled with some kind of grain & is great for sore neck because it moulds itself to your body. Didn’t know you could make one of your own with rice – will have to try this for when my husband & I are fighting over who gets to use the magic bag!

  7. Not only does it look toasty and warm, but it looks like it would make a nice weapon…say if someone tried to take it from you. It’s almost as good as a burlap sack filled with doorknobs.

  8. Thank you for this post, I have been looking for this type of recipe! I have serious back & neck problems, and well just happened to set fire to the last one for my neck – too long in the microwave – Oops.

  9. I think it worked, we’re expecting snow tomorrow. (I’ll get you my pretty !)

    While living in Wisconsin I always had these around ( many weeks straight of temps below freezing) I had one I always had in bed around my feet at night & my son referred to it as my pet chicken. (I have NO idea why).

  10. After my heavy post, I was ready for some light, smiley material: voila! Love these, and always forget how easy they are to make. Thanks for sharing… but it it gets really cold suddenly, after our long, beautiful fall: I’ll know who to call!

  11. I thought I invented this! We’ve been using them for years. My husband suffers from cold feet, even when it gets below 80 in Austin. I quit using socks because as the rice breaks down the bits come out of the little holes. So I made some rice “pillows” with leftover cotton fabric. They’re about the weight of a newborn–my granddaughter plays “baby” with them. We always have one or two in the bed in the winter, and they’re also great for warming sore muscles. My husband is allergic to lavender and I like the toasty smell of the plain rice when they’re heated.

  12. I paid $15 for one of these at one of those fancy schmancy craft fairs. Note to self: remember to take my “here comes a sucker” sign off BEFORE I go shopping!! This is AWESOME! Also, a great, fun craft to do with the kids. Great idea!! Thanks for posting it.

  13. You know, I buy these neck roll things just like yours with the whatever stuff they put inside for $24.95 – have gone through about three of them: $24.95 x 3 = ?? because I left them in the microwave inert and they got scorched. One even caught fire.

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