Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Good News Edition

If you recall, this post left you with a cliffhanger, and I’m not one to leave you hanging forever.

Knock knock! Who’s there?Introducing Astrochelys radiata- the second one ever hatched by our zoo

One of the most endangered tortoises in the world

Here’s a picture of one of the parents.

This is mom. She’s taller than a basketball, and much, much heavier.

The new baby is a bit smaller than its folks.

Yeah, that small.

And now the update you’ve all been waiting for! Can I get a drumroll, please? If you read this post, you know my supervisor at the zoo has been working to raise $2000 to buy desks and chairs for a school in Madagascar. Thanks to readers who forwarded the post all over the internet, we met our goal. In five days. Our total stands at $2443, and all of the money goes to the school. Give yourselves a hand! Thanks to everyone who donated or shared links. Your help will have a direct impact on the lives of 100 children in Madagascar. The baby tortoise featured in this blog is the same tortoise species that the children’s parents are helping to save, which bookends this story beautifully.

And I leave you with one more tortoise belly button.

Notice how this one is an oval instead.

22 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Good News Edition

  1. Thanks and congrats on your good works in Madagascar on behalf of the human children. Baby tortoises are cute, but in your first pic, I kept trying to figure out what kind of fish that is looking down on the tortoise from the adjacent aquarium. Then I realized that there was no fish, but just a visual error in image processing by my confused and sleep deprived brain. Sad but true… But in any case, Happy Wednesday! 🙂

  2. It’s funny how different the carapces look. Will the youngster look more like the father when he/she grows up?
    Anyway, big hand for the achievement and thanks for supporting such worthwhile causes. You are my hero.

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