Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Stuff I Wonder About

Stuff I’m wondering about today. Who does the design team that created this sign really work for? I can’t imagine it’s Santorum.

The wingspan is more proportional to that of a vulture. Take it from me. I've spent the last 11 years at a zoo. Nothing says class act like the image of a scavenging carcass-picker. My apologies to condors everywhere if you are ever mistaken for a politician of ANY party.


Is it a coincidence that from a distance, that “O” looks like the universal symbol for “For the love of God, don’t do it!  Bad idea!”  ***

All political leanings aside, when you see this...

Does your brain register this?

Is it just me? I wonder if they work for the other guys. Any other guys.

*** Also a bad idea: trekking across a field next to a busy highway in pajamas at dawn to get the picture for this shot. What can I say? I’m committed to bringing the story to the people. And all the signs close to my house were pulled up after voting closed last night.


51 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Stuff I Wonder About

  1. I have a new appreciation for this signage now. Thanks!! Not many Santorum signs in my neck of the woods (literally the woods), but now when I do come across one I’ll giggle with delight!!

  2. My hubby has been substituting “Santorum” for other words lately. “like, “Looks like you got some of the baby’s Santorum on your shirt.”. It makes me want to gag every time, even if I have no idea what he’s substituted it for.

  3. As for the zoo statement…I am in a circus not a zoo!
    I did see the sign but the “O” did not stand out. The sign we saw more of was Newt!
    I will LOL when I do see the next Santorum sign. Thank you!
    Peach State

  4. Here in New York City, or Babylon to Rick Santorum’s way of thinking, I’ve yet to see a single Santorum sign, but if I ever do, thank you for shedding light on the true message in that vulture slashed “O”.

    • I have yet to see any campaign signs in front of anyone’s actual home. I did see a Newt Gingrich sign stuck in a weed patch once, but all the signs here have been localized to the actual polling places.

  5. I think that it is a turkey vulture — look at the feathers on the wings (little known fact that I share whenever it comes up (which is rarely) — Wilbur and Orville studied the wings of turkey vultures which are different from most other birds to learn the secret of flight.

    Oh yeah, my comment. It’s a turkey vulture, that is going to (1) shit on us and then (2) pick the life out of our bones. But don’t worry, if you go along with Ricky then you get to heaven.

  6. I immediately thought of the circle with the line through it symbol when I saw one of these signs. I also wondered if his staff was trying to be reminiscent of the creepy post-apocalyptic world in the “Hunger Games” novels. Scary.

  7. I’m so sad he’s FROM my neck of the woods. What a tool!

    #jeandayfriday, I was TOTALLY thinking of Mockingjay when I saw it (probable because I’m reading it RIGHT now). Someone on his “team” is telling us to RUN, RUN FAR AWAY.

  8. The circle-with-a-line was the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture (I haven’t seen any of those signs in real life, but that may be because our primary isn’t until June).

  9. Hey, what’s wrong with vultures? What have they ever done to you? Ok, other than maybe feeding on dead reptiles at times. Still, I don’t think they deserve having their name besmirched by being linked to some knucklehead politician.

  10. I thought the same thing – driving by a sign I almost hit the curb trying to figure out why the O was being crossed out before realizing it was a pinkish red bird. And a side note, when I first heard his name I thought it was Sani-torum ……like “sanitarium” or “sanitary”….

  11. HAHAHA! Oh wow, thanks for sharing that was pretty hilarious, hehe. I haven’t seen Santorum’s sign before which is no surprise because I live in Lebanon—-so whose signs am I gonna see here anyways? I agree, there is some subliminal messaging going on, and the person who designed it has the right idea. RUN AWAY FROM THE BIG WAD OF SANTORUM! RUN!

  12. He is that rare bird that really knows how to spread his wings…and then erroneously make himself a larger target within the sight of my twelve gauge shotgun. “Hey Santorum, ‘Say hello to my little friend!'”

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