Making Choices

Last week I did something that many have warned me not to do. I prayed for patience. And God listened. Gaining patience is a lot like making a diamond. Lots of pressure over along period of time. This week has been a trial by fire, and I’m laid raw. Everything touches me deeply, and my emotions are extremes in every direction.  But what I see here is a choice. I can focus my energy on clogged plumbing and repair bills and wallow in the depths of despair, or I can occupy my brain by appreciating better things. Today, I bring you my joys.

Things I Love About Squish

1) The way he says “Ta-da!” after pooping. I think more people should do this. Life in public restrooms might be more fun. I will if you will.

2) His ability to delay gratification. He is carrying around the same five M&M’s that I gave him early this morning. He can keep a snack as a pet. I wish I could do that. I have never met a snack that I didn’t snarf in five minutes.

3) The way he says M&M’s. It comes out “neminems.” I would feed them to him all day long just to hear him say it.

4) His new phrase is “I can burp my ABC’s!” He gets all the way to “D.” It’s an exciting development, as he has shown no interest in learning the alphabet until now. I will work with what I have. I’m going out to buy him some soda and see if we can get all the way to “Q.”

5) He is growing up. In the good way. I have taught toddler classes at the zoo the last couple of weeks, and he can sit on his bottom and listen. Without a wrangler. He even shared with his friends. And the zoo speaks to his heart the way it does to mine.

Squish, meet Korbin ferret.

6) That boundless energy can be channeled. When we go for our afternoon walks, he can run for over two miles without asking to be carried. This summer, hikes with the family will take on a whole new meaning.

7) He has amazing ability to multi-task. He can suck his thumb and pick his nose with one hand. Who wouldn’t envy that kind of dexterity?

8) He’s an adventurous eater. Who knew that magic marker ink was so tasty? And fun. Turns the tongue bright blue!

9) Little things make him happy. His whole day is brighter when he sees a train. Or a backhoe. Or a garbage truck.


There’s so much good around me if only I look. Cilantro is making an unexpected appearance in my herb garden. My husband went out to get milk so that I didn’t have to. The baby tortoises are doing great, and I got to give them their first soak and take them outside in the sun. I’ll post an update tomorrow. Complete with pictures because no baby tortoise story is complete without pictures.


Sneak peek!

91 thoughts on “Making Choices

  1. & I love that you call him Squish, its beyond adorable. But on a serious note, it is not fair to keep using the baby turtles – the rest of us cannot possibly compete with such cuteness!

  2. Good for you. Not to go all Oprah on you, but recording the good things really can change your perspective. Also, I’m sure Squish will be burping his way through Z in no time. So you have that to look forward to.

  3. I would much rather hear someone say “ta-daaaa” in the stall next to me than a recap of Jersey Shore shouted into a cell phone. I, for one, will join you. And, I can’t wait to see pics of the babies in the sun tomorrow!

  4. Awesome post! I too, live in a zoo… but I hope your tag line is WRONG… I hope blogging DOES NOT attract reptiles. I’m happy to have a few turtles, some lizards, even once house some Horny Toads, but Never Ever Ever will I allow a snake to move into our zoo… I draw the line at iguanas!

  5. Lovely, and a day-maker. But I’m curious, why did people warn you not to pray for patience? I do it all the time. I’m doing it now. I need to do it more. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. This one really touched me and I have to admit, I shed a few tears. Brought back memories of my kids and reminds me to make newer ones with the grands. Thanks Hun. I love ya. You managed to make my day even brighter. Taa-Daa!

  7. Sooooo funny. What I saw in my head after reading the poop thing made me laugh and I am in a quiet room full of teenagers!! I may try it. Loved all the other parts of your list too. It is interesting he can hold onto four m&m’s but chooses to eat a marker instead!

  8. Squish sounds like a pretty awesome toddler, as far as boys go. 😉 My BF will be all over the “ta-da” idea… And the baby turtles!! I seriously can’t wait to see more pictures of them!

  9. Haha, I loved #1! Never thought of anyone celebrating their bowel movements, but I like the way Squish thinks! Lovely list by the way, and hope things get less stressful over time.

    Also: Turtles ROCK! God they’re so bloody adorable!

  10. Squish is awesome…and has an awesome mom…and patience is a good thing for any mother of a squish to pray for. I kinda think that your Squish will grow up to be another Mot – character with a unique perspective on the world. More Squishes and Mots in the world? More fun and wonder. How nice would that be?

  11. Considering my recent gastrointestinal issues, any bowel movement deserves a Ta-Da in my opinion. I think I’ll try it out at home first and see how the Firepants family reacts.

  12. wow! squish is so cute. you are really blessed to have him. and i had no idea baby turtles looked this good, almost like a pretty cookie. can’t wait to read about the turtles.

  13. Hilarious! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to experiencing some of these things (like burping the alphabet or going on longer walks) with the little monster.

    Others, of course, I get to enjoy already, like the Ta-Da (although mine comes over, points at the potty with its contents and goes “Mommy is very happy!” – I might have introduced that when he first started using the potty), carrying snacks around until they have melted into un-recognition (yeah, contrary to their adverts, even M&Ms do that) or the adorable word creations (my favourite ones are in German but ploplakes and popita (cornflakes and computer) are among the English ones). And the trains, always the trains…

  14. Your insight into the Ta-Da moment brought a old story to my mind. Thanks for awakening the memories. I posted my story and told the readers to go to your blog to enjoy the list as much as I did! Thanks for sharing and keep it going.

  15. Aw, your Squish and my Jude would get along famously! Jude says “I did it!” every time he poops in the potty. And he has pooped in the potty every day, sometimes twice a day, for the past several weeks. But he still says “I did it!” like he just made a rabbit appear from his hat.

    Okay, enough about poop. Hope your week is shaping up now to feel a lot less like poop. Indeed praying is good for the soul (and maybe the colon too). Poop-poopety-poop.

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  17. Great post. I’m going to close my laptop now and go out and enjoy the sunshine and keep the smile you put on my face. I’m gonna remember all the sweet things my son did at that age. And that will come in handy when he arrives home from college for Spring (ravenous) with 45 loads of laundry to be done! Ta-Dah!

  18. Girl, I’m so sorry to hear you had a rough week! That’s the pits. At least you’ve managed to cheer up bathrooms around America! But I have to ask…that sock thing you wrote in a comment to me last week when I was concerned with not having any TP? Can I use a “ta-da” for that? Like, come out from my stall, wave it around,…? No? Yes? No?

  19. Sweet. And your posts will live on in posterity, so that your son can see how adored he is. The TADA I will try…except what’s cute as a toddler usually becomes creepy when you’re over 35.

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