Pushing Pause

Last week, I shared some pictures of two subspecies of tortoise with an unusual requirement. When the eggs are first laid, they are in diapause, a complete suspension of embryonic development. The eggs are laid, but nothing happens. The only way to break the diapause and jump-start the embryos’  development is to cool the eggs for several weeks. Without this period of enforced inactivity, the embryos never quite develop.

My children and my husband have this entire week off. And I am going into diapause. I am unplugging for a week to be with my family. I’m pressing pause so that my spirit will be refreshed and can grow and develop in whole new ways.

I’ve been working on  posts for the last couple of weeks, so they’ll magically appear in your inbox including a tortoise-baby post. I love my blog, and I committed myself to writing five days a week, so I’m not wiggling out of that deal. I’ll be slower to respond to comments than usual, but next week I will respond to all of the comments that are from real people who aren’t trying to sell me Viagra or computer software.

So if you’ll pardon me, this egg is chillin’.

Without a pause, some of life’s great treasures would be lost.

22 thoughts on “Pushing Pause

  1. Wellllllll… okay.

    The photo reminds me of this “game” they have at the aquarium here in Oregon – you’re a baby turtle trying to survive, and at each stage you spin a wheel to see what happens. So first you have to get from the broken shell to the water, then evade a predator, then eat a jellyfish and hope it’s not a floating plastic bag. Very cool. Heartbreaking, but cool.

  2. Oh i do understand how you need to pause. But i am confused that the embryo dies. and look at that little guy and his egg.. I am sure that i could hide him from John, he would not even know that i have a little tortoise .. can i have one?.. c

  3. I’ve enjoyed all your turtle pics, partially because they are adorable and partially because they make male roommate squee. I love it when grown men are floored by cuteness. Enjoy your week off! P.S.-would you like to purchase my new Viagra-themed computer software?

  4. I envy you your diapause – I have been partially absent lately, but only because of mild health issues & a complete & total lack of ideas on what to write! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy – look forward to your return!

  5. I totally hear you on this. How weird is it that you and me (and Les from Best Bathroom Books, if you follow him) have all recently wrote about scaling back blog involvement — I’m convinced it has everything to do with spring. And maybe turtle eggs.

  6. Diapause is one of those wonderful words that reminds me why I love the sciences. Thanks for introducing us (me and the word). I only just discovered you (through the Versatile Blogger Award, which I, too, eceived from iGameMom.wordpress.com, but I look forward to your post-diapause posts.

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