Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Tiger Mom

Call me Tiger Mom. I place strict demands on my children by forcing them to practice their skills for hours everyday. My kids aren’t gymnasts or dancers. Nor do they play musical instruments. Or baseball. And they don’t go to Karate class. Everyone else does those things, and you know how I feel about cliches, right?

But I am determined that my son will be world champion before his fifth birthday. I think we’ve got this baby in the bag! Not my actual baby, you know. The championship. In 2013, Squish will be headed to the World Planking Championships. Yes, there is such a thing. Google it.

Get those arms back! Two more hours! Next week, we're moving the stools apart two more feet!

26 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Tiger Mom

  1. That’s hilarious! I really thought you were about to admit to forcing piano practice for hours at a time or something completely grueling like that! 🙂 Did you hear they formed an Olympic Planking team? Looks like you have a real candidate there!!

  2. Mad skills! I was in tumbling as a kid. Not dance – tumbling. Guess my parents knew I was at least great at falling down, but I had to practice the graceful part. 😉

  3. World Planking Championships?! Genius! I must get my nieces into this immediately! Then, I can set them up to balance between my coffee table and my couch, so I have a closer place to set down my beer! 😉

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