Nearly Wordless Wednesday: On Obstacles

When I find a boulder in my path, I can either turn back or grow around it. I am choosing to grow.

Boulder? What boulder?


33 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: On Obstacles

    • Sometimes I need a reminder that even though things aren’t easy sometimes, it’s in my best interests to keep plugging. I’ve seen some things on our hikes this week that have really gotten me going.

  1. Dont know how you knew, but I needed this – we’ve been tryig to get this idea thru to our “I cant do math” 9 year old – Cant wait to print this out & show her, maybe a visual will help !

  2. I know this is outside and has nothing to do with your previous zoo photos of the adorable turtles, but I keep thinking there’s a baby turtle somewhere in there and I keep going back to the photo to find it. Very Where’s Waldo-esque. 🙂 (Where is the little booger, gah!!)

A penny for your thoughts! And by penny, I mean a warm-fuzzy in your heart.

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