April Fool’s!

So it’s April Fool’s day, and I can’t just let such an occasion go by without posting something. To celebrate Liar’s day, I usually tell someone that I’m pregnant (shut up, SJ!), but I have just moved Squish out of my room after three years, and I’m in no mood to tempt fate. So instead of lying to you, I’ll post the solution to Thursday’s Where’s Waldo post.

Here’s the picture that contains, much to my surprise, not one turtle, but two!

Do you see them? Of course, you do! No?

A little zoom?

How about now?

I bet many of you can see one already. But do you see the second one? Are you ready?

The neck ring on the baby on the left makes it look like a reflection on the water. This is why it took ten years for the researchers to recapture a re-released baby. They are tiny, and their camouflage is excellent!

I know. The one on the left hardly looks like a turtle, but you’ll have to believe me. Here it is out of the water.

The neck ring seems like it would be a dead-giveaway but is instead brilliant camouflage.

Here’s the funny part. The turtle on the left was the one I was actually photographing. The face on the right was a surprise!

Happy April-fool’s-Heather’s-not-pregnant day!

19 thoughts on “April Fool’s!

  1. Cute little guys! They are really hidden…I never would have found them otherwise.

    I also pranked my kids last year with the preggo thing. I let it go for several hours. My 4-yr-old girl (at the time) was pumped. When I broke the news to her she said, “That’s okay, Mom. I like being the baby sister. They all do what I want.”

  2. ha.. couldn’t find them but I didn’t have time to zoom. They’re actually way bigger than what I was trying to see. I was looking for a body just slightly bigger than those heads! Funnest April Fools of the year, btw.

  3. As I mentioned last time, I found the first turtle (without neck ring visible) very quickly. But yes, they have great camo, cause the turtle with the neck ring in the third photo, looks like he’s got another brother with a neck ring on a straight line 45 degree angle, approx 1″ down to the right side.

    In the same photo, about an inch straight back from the real turtle with the neck ring, there are several highlights(?) on the water that resemble neck rings but are not… Great camo indeed and thanks for sharing!

  4. For April Fool’s a few years ago I tearfully informed my boss that I had become pregnant (no boyfriend or hubby) and would need to go on maternity leave. In retribution, he informed my workplace during our daily announcements that I was expecting…
    I wouldn’t have spotted those turtles in a millions years! So cool, and you have an excellent eye for them!

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