30 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Whoops!

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    Dag nabbit if I’m just too busy to post anything my own life, so again, I find myself stealing (reblogging?) content from others. These cute little tortoises are just sweet not to share with the world. And just what the heck is going on in the background of that 2nd video is? Video games? At the zoo? I can only guess. Too funny.

  2. Hey, I guess that even tortoises aren’t born knowing how to walk like tortoises, and as babies, they just gotta learn how, like lots of babies do – I know that when I was a baby that I spent lots of time rolling around on my back too. Hmm… I just had a joke come to me, and it’s a good one, but this is just sooo NOT the place to use it. Lol – a rare attack of common sense for me!

    • What’s funny is that if they were in the wild, it would be easier on them if they did get flipped. There would be rocks or plants to pull themselves over with. One of the little guys just gives up after a few minutes.

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