Am I a Cool Kid Now?

I’m typing this post on my brand new computer. Don’t get all excited and try to locate the GPS coordinates to my house in the hopes of stealing a valuable piece of machinery. It’s never safe to assume that “new” means “top-of-the-line-Mac-daddy.” Especially when it comes to me. I haven’t used a Mac since I was 14, and I’m not wealthy in the mood to relearn a system. It’s a  PC. And I feel like a filthy cheater.

For the first time since the old lap-top’s battery bit the dust two (or three?) years ago, I am not tied to a wall when I write.The cord for the old Dell has been replaced once already, and if the cord is breathed on wrong bumped by kid or dog, the computer dies an instant death. I should be delighted that I charged this bad boy yesterday, and it’s happily ticking along. But I’m not. It feels somewhat indecent to be sitting and typing away in Panera with my new toy while Old Faithful languishes at home.

Yes, I said Panera. Isn’t that what the cool kids do? Drag their machines to Panera for the magic cup of coffee that buys them six free hours of wi-fi and blog? Does this make me a hipster now? As you answer, please ignore the Gryffindor messenger bag I used to tote the thing in here. And the bag of bagels sitting on the table waiting for me to take them to the church brunch tomorrow. And the fact that it’s not a Mac.  I’m totally cool, right? Maybe it’s safer not to answer.

This new computer has lots of fancy features, a gajillion times the memory of the old one, plants vs zombies (which I definitely think I should try), and it even has a built in time-travel feature. It must, because it allows WordPress to save my drafts two full minutes before my computer’s clock says I’ve even written them. Time travel rocks. But what it doesn’t have is my enormous collection of photographs. So for awhile, the only pictures you see of me will look like this:

I know. Dead ringer. Adidas track suit and everything. Yes, I drew this myself. I even put five fingers on each hand. I was going to stop at four, but I go the extra mile for my readers.

I am sure that over time, I will fall totally in love with my new computer. But I will never learn to love Panera and the horrible, horrible jazz they play on their muzak. I think I have to leave now. Before I kill someone.

46 thoughts on “Am I a Cool Kid Now?

  1. Wooo! New computer day is the best! Or…I would imagine so, since I’m still saving for something that still has two control keys. One day.

  2. I had the same troubles with my old Dell laptop. But instead of it not functioning when it was breathed on wrong, it didn’t function when barometric changes it disliked occurred. Such princesses, these compys are.

  3. Lucky you, well even if you hate the music at least you are looking cool! I hope you are typing fast while looking nonchalant, this is also very important! c

  4. I am soooo jealous of your new technology. No matter the brand or form. My laptop is still in a box awaiting hubby to mail to be fixed. (He bought it, he called and got the info… ) I should just get the info and do it myself! Congrats on yours! Even if it was used while listening to musak.

  5. I have 7 AM Saturday writing dates with another novelist friend at the Panera between our suburban houses. We get there when they open and freeze our butts off in their refrigerated restaurant for the chance to have a couple-few hours of dueling laptops away from our young children and maybe, just maybe, get some chapters done. The ambient chatter reaches a level of distraction even I can’t tune out by 9:30. But good god, I’ll take it if it means I can get some time to write away from the rest of my life’s obligations.

  6. Haha! My laptop chord has to be held in a loopy-loop to make it charge. If you move, even a millimeter, connection lost! I know I need to upgrade… but I just hate to because the second I do, well you know what happens, the bigger better laptop goes on sale, and you can’t take yours back because you already “have stuff on it”!!

  7. I predict that you’re gonna learn to love going cordless. Especially after the negative experiences you’ve been having with your power cord on your original PC. That stuff would drive me right over the edge!

    Wait a minute… I’m already over the… Oh, never mind!

  8. Ha, we eat lunch at Panera a lot and my job is to annoy all the hipsters with their laptops with two kids eating a bagel and commenting on any and everything like the color of their lamp hanging over the table versus the color of the one hanging over the hipsters table (pink is prefered to orange). But congrats on the new laptop! My current laptop has duct tape involved in the charging so I may join you someday. No Mac for this poor hippie chick either 🙂 I love this post btw!!

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