Dear Copy Editor,Your Fired!

With apologies to my grammar-loving pals sj,Grngeekgirl, Amy, and Boggleton Drive. I know my title creates an urge to punch someone. Please don’t hurt me. I can’t look at it without screaming, either.

I came across this billboard on a road trip last week. I hurt for the copy editor. This image was everywhere around town.  I almost wrecked the car when I saw the first one. Not seeing the difference between “your” and “you’re” in a first draft is not a big deal. Not catching it before it goes to print is just painful. For everyone.

It HURTS! Make it stop!

75 thoughts on “Dear Copy Editor,Your Fired!

  1. Oh I have the same problem, seeing spelling mistakes and is the aprostrophe going out of fashion?. Are there too many twos to make them see the difference. To and Too is my big peeve! That is a pretty big giant sized typo there! c

  2. I’m one of those paid grammar geeks, and my son has picked up on it. It’s fun seeing what my nine-year-old picks up that a paid adult copy editor can’t. He brings books to me all the time pointing out what the copy editors missed.

  3. Are you sure their ain’t an problem with your I-site? The grammar is bad. The sign being in Tennessee is worse. Glady, some of us know how to write.

  4. Maybe the person painting it thought that football was real and going to hit him/her in the face, and needed to get out of there quick or I should say get out of their quick.

  5. Ah, contractions. I really don’t get why people have such a hard time with them. I cringed because I got an invitation the other day for a big benefit concert and the front of it said, “Lets rock!” Ugh.

  6. A few months ago, a local middle school was putting on a production of Julius Caesar. Except that the enormous homemade banners outside the building said they were performing “Julius Ceasar.” And this is supposed to be the good middle school in my area.

  7. I feel like maybe we’re being too harsh. Perhaps it’s just not finished! They’re coming back later to finish it! “If you’re not a hawk…your prey will not be swooped down upon from above!” or “If you’re not a hawk…your prey are not small rodents!” Something like that. It has to be something like that. Otherwise, this makes my brain ache.

  8. I saw that same thing in a huge Volvo display at a car show in a major city. I decided on the spot that I would not buy a Volvo in quiet protest. Also, I think it speaks to a lack of attention to detail. Thank you for saying something so I wouldn’t have to punch anyone.

  9. It burns!! Take it away! It’s worse than the radio commercial that uses the word “gooder” here in Indianapolis. I swear, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  10. I’ve been jumping from Billboard post to billboard post on yor blog, and this is the worst billboard in the history of billboards- my eyes are actually bleeding. they are lucky this didn’t cause a massive pile-up on the road. although maybe they could sue it’s so horrible

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