Mother Of The Year

As I was walking my son home from school one fall Friday last year, I mentioned “Dad’s coming home from work early tonight. We need to make sure we’re ready to leave the house when he gets here.”

“Cool!” was his cheerful reply. When we got his sister from school, he announced with great glee “We need to be ready by 5 o’clock! Dad’s coming home early!” Girl-child said “Cool!”

At 5pm, the kids scrambled for their shoes. And combed their hair? But who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. My husband pulled  into the driveway, and the kids tumbled over each other to get into the car. I don’t think I’d ever seen them so cooperative. As my husband joined us, I learned why.

“Dad!” said one. “We’re going out for dinner!” “And ice cream!” piped the second. Wait, what?

Oh. Did I not tell you kids? I never said we’re going to dinner. We’re getting flu shots. I must have left that part out.



26 thoughts on “Mother Of The Year

  1. Even if you had mentioned the flu shots, they werent going to admit it. By making you feel like you dropped the ball, children are experts, able to parlay an errand near a meal-time into at least ice cream, if not a full dinner out. It couldnt be your fault, your the adult !

  2. You make Joan Crawford look like Carol Brady.

    Your cat is beautiful! And is it creepy that I have a compulsive urge to lick her head? (Oh, Nicki of The Middlest Sister, wherever you are, I cannot seem to stop referencing this post.)

  3. Another fine example of the dangers of jumping to conclusions. I might use this one with my students. Of course, I don’t want to violate the Sistahood of Motherhood, so maybe I’ll just keep it to myself.

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