More Things I Should Probably Care About But Don’t

The weeds in the flower bed are now taller than the actual flowers. I admire their zest for life.
I forgot to eat my bowl of cereal. This Moon Pie should work just fine.
I have spent four days wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt. We all have a fashion statement. Mine is “I don’t want to button my pants.”
Middle son’s pants now show two inches of ankle. I’ve been to third grade. All  the kids dress like orphans.
Squish is attempting to consume half a loaf of homemade bread. Heel first.  Go, Squish.
There’s nothing in the house for dinner. I’ll be leaving for work at 4:30pm and not coming home until tomorrow night, so technically, not my problem.
I can’t remember which of the cups on the counter I used to thaw the dead mice.  Again, maybe not my problem. I wasn’t the one who drank out of them.
Squish doesn’t have a single clean pair of socks.  Recycling is good for the environment and should therefore apply to clothing, as well.
For some weird reason, WordPress doesn’t want to allow spaces between paragraphs. Actually, I do care about this one. Adding a period to hold a space makes the formatting look weird. But I guess it’s better than missing a period.

We had pretty tulips. We waited for 8 weeks for them to bloom. The night they bloomed, some drunk kids drove by after midnight and stole them all. Flowers will break your heart. Weeds are better.


68 thoughts on “More Things I Should Probably Care About But Don’t

    • That’s my son’s problem, too. And don’t ever suggest that he wear a belt because, I don’t know. Belts are horribly painful? There must be a reason he hates them so much, right?

      • Your pro-belt-wearing arguments might have been a little more convincing if you hadn’t just mentioned that you’d worn sweatpants for the past 4 days.

  1. Thanks for again reminding me that there are kindred spirits out there, flung far and wide around the world. I now feel confident that although I’ve been wearing the same PJs for 2 days someone, somewhere shares my sense of fashion comfort.
    Oh, and I really understand your dilemna about the spacing with WordPress. It’s driving me nuts!

  2. Great post!
    There are cobwebs on my foyer chandelier. They only show when the sunlight comes in late in the afternoon. So I never invite company over at that time. Problem solved.

  3. For some weird reason, WordPress . . . .

    That should become a meme or something. 😐

    Have you tried shift+enter?

    I have spent four days wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt. I’m adding you to my heroes list.

  4. Thank you for making me feel better about my own non-tending of landscaping. Weeds are the only things flourishing. I have a mounds of dead leaves scattered about thanks to a neighbor who decided to hide her piles of leaves in the pine bush we share.

  5. Can sympathize with the weeds – so we now live in an apt. I don’t like p.j.’s, but I wear a house dress every day. My favorite hairstyle is a bun on the top of my head or a ponytail in the same place. The joys of not caring too much!

  6. About your spacing-problem, some workarounds:

    try inserting or, if you want more space,  

    if that doesn’t work, you can simply use   (with the semicolon!) instead of a period.

    But you have to use the plain text editor for these things to work: Switch to the HTML-Tab on the top right of the editing field.
    If that doesn’t help, ask me again, I have some more ideas. But now it’s getting complicated.
    Also tell me, If I missed the whole point.

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