Nearly Wordless Wednesday: In Case You Doubted Me

I bought an elliptical at a church rummage sale. Remember that?  Just so you know, I’ve had the thing for a couple of months now, and it’s used regularly. Though not necessarily by me.

See? I told you it would be useful!

42 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: In Case You Doubted Me

  1. Thanks for a great picture! I had an exercise bike once that was used as a high-tech clothes storage system… its amazing how the manufacturers of this type of equipment manage to ‘build in’ extra uses for their products!
    🙂 Mike

  2. Cool jammies and it looks to me to have substantial lumbar support.

    Thought about you yesterday as a team of 5 librarians were relocating a freshly hatched Eastern River Cooter. He was spotted solo on a much used pedestrian sidewalk. No nest was found, so we released him at the near-by botanical gardens (with fresh water) to perhaps give the little guy a better chance of survival. He was a quite frisky cooter; hope he makes it.

  3. You know, at least you’ve got an excuse for not exercising. How could you possibly kick Squish off that thing (interrupting his education in the process) just so you can burn a few calories?!

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