Catching You Up

In case you’ve been following my computer saga (and who hasn’t? It’s riveting!), I am now on my third computer in two weeks. The color on the first two was bad. After returning the first two and opting for a different brand entirely, I brought the newest one home with much trepidation.

After Squish went to sleep, I unpacked it all. With bated breath, I booted it up. I was so angry at the distorted appearance on the monitor that I was ready to throw the whole thing out of my second story window. My blood boiled as I thought about having to trek back to the store AGAIN to return a faulty laptop.

Yes, the hands are disproportionately large. Thanks for noticing. We'll call those my "angry hands" and call it a a day, 'kay?


About 10 seconds later, I remembered to remove the thin black foam used to protect the screen during shipping.


And we can call these "stupid hands."


Then I carefully packed everything back into the box to return it. Because I am maybe too stupid to own a computer.


In case you’re wondering, that was not the issue with the first two computers. I swear!


71 thoughts on “Catching You Up

  1. Hee! Your scowl is killing me! The hair and track jacket are pretty awesome too. I think you’ve captured your essence (and not in a Jondalar kind of way, either).

  2. All computers should be exorcized before being brought home. It’s a well known fact that a program is installed at the factory level which senses the technological aptitude of new owners and acts accordingly. None of this is Your Fault, especially the black film thingy.

  3. Here is a story for you: I was on the phone with a friend who said she had just put a new toner cartridge in her printer and it wasn’t working. I said, “Did you pull out the strip of plastic?” She said, “What?” I said, “Look on one end. Do you see a flexible tab? Pull it out until it’s all the way out.”

    She felt dumb. But I told her she shouldn’t, or that at least she should take comfort in having company in Dumbland, because someone had had to show me the same thing a week earlier.

    • A little rain must fall so the flowers can grow. Or something cheesy like that. The new computer is simply awesome, and I never would have gotten it if the first two hadn’t been lemons. The one I ended up with was not available when I got the first laptop.

  4. Your hands are rather colorful and cheerful. They make you look like a flower. An angry flower, but a flower nonetheless.

    And — because I know these are random — it’s way cool that the advertisement video at the bottom of your post at the time I am reading / writing this is a penguin family called the Van Der Beaks.

  5. This produced an actual guffaw from me! I don’t think I’ve actually done that before! I’m sorry for your troubles, but you have to admit it’s making good fodder for your posts!

  6. LOL! But of course this was not the issue with the first two computers! No way, no how, not a chance! LOL! 😀

    I’m really laughing cause this is really funny! I’m also laughing cause I’m joking about my first sentence, and you can stop fantasizing about doing those terrible things to me now. 🙂

    • I do admit that I questioned myself as I was removing the foam from the screen. But the first two computers had a much different problem. I SWEAR! Although I didn’t ever bother to remove the protective plastic from the keyboard. Something was telling me it wasn’t a good match for me.

      • I swear all the time, so that proves nothing.

        KIDDING! I’m just happy that this long saga has a happy ending, and maybe there’s enough of a story here to make a really good… film! 😀

  7. It’s best to make fun of yourself before someone else does it for you, right? At least you figured it out and didn’t take it to the store only to have them point it out. Glad you finally found one you like.

  8. My son pointed out the protective film on my phone – and removed it, then made me go buy another protective film to keep the screen from getting scratched.

  9. Hi,
    My computer had a meltdown the other day, and I picked my new one up yesterday, I went from shop to shop, but ended up getting one built from scratch. All new, but with the best of different brands, so far so good. I spoke to a lot of different people and they recommended I find a place that will build one for me.

    It sounds like you have a frustrating time with your new computers, but I couldn’t help but laugh about the foam. 🙂

  10. Aw, I think you’re probably just shell shocked from the past few days of computer drama. You’re expecting every computer to fail now. That sounds like something I would do.

  11. Aaaw, don’t be so hard on yourself about the computer. Let’s focus on all of your other strengths, shall we? For instance, your wonderful artistic abilities. 😉

  12. You are too funny! My aunt had problems with her screen “starting to peel off” after several years while she was cleaning it — she thought it to be defective. Turns out she had never removed the protective film it shipped with. It’s not just you.

  13. I did a similar thing with a digital clock not all that long ago. No matter what I did, it always said 10:10 a.m. Then I peeled that little plastic thingy off.

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