What Love Looks Like

I packed a lunch for my husband today as a little surprise. And I treated him to one of my most precious, triple-decker Moon Pies without him even asking. That, my friends, is what love looks like.

What love looks like after nearly 17 years of marriage:

moon pie, relationships, this is what love looks like

Yes. It says "But hands off my stash." Marriage is about accepting one another for who and what we are, and sometimes what we are is a sneaky Moon Pie thief. And these are too big to hide in a tampon box.


40 thoughts on “What Love Looks Like

  1. It’s amazing, love has a similar look in our house. For me, it is when I share some of my pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 🙂 I’ve never been successful in hiding that in a tampon box unfortunately. *sigh* The last time I had a tampon box in the freezer, the hubby knew exactly what I was up to. 😉

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  3. LOL this is cute. Some days it seems like I have to sneak off to the bathroom to be able to indulge myself in a sweet chocolately snack. They don’t last long around here and if I am caught eating one, they whole family devours the rest! 🙂

  4. LOL- That note looks a little too familiar to me… And yes, having been married for 21 years myself, I know that is just what married love looks like – A loving gesture… and also a warning to keep my thieving hands off her favorite treats! 😀

  5. I’m at just under a decade, so I am happy to learn tricks of the trade- I’ve never thought the tampon box… sounds pretty ingenious! Although in my house I could just hide it in the laundry and nobody but me would ever be the wiser!

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