Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Decisions, Decisions

Should I go bother to go out and buy my third grader some new school supplies? We’re so close to the end of the year that it seems a waste. Eenie, meenie… Kids are so spoiled these days.


I think it can last another month, don't you?


51 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Decisions, Decisions

  1. Depends. If the third grader is female – yes, her classmates will think she’s weird. If your third grader is male – no, he will be the envy of his classmates because that pencil is ‘cool’. Sure he can’t write with it and his grades will suffer, but cool is cool, man.

    Life’s not fair, but do you really want to be THE ONE to deliver that cliche message to your children? Just a thought. 😉

  2. I would search your child’s desk or your office and find used pencils and books to use. Rather than waste money on new ones that will only be half used. But I would not let my child go without a pencil or exercise book. For two bucks you can buy them new, but if you search hard enough you can find acceptable replacements. Look through the ones in his/her bookbag and perhaps there are books only half used. Teachers are reasonable and may even have some pencils in their desks for a quarter. I was a teacher for 35 years (1976-2011) and nothing is as frustrating as a child missing a pencil or paper, when you have 20-30 kids to think about. It wastes valuable instruction time. I usually had three or four packs of exercise books at the beginning of the school year and sold them for a quarter a book, when a child was needing one. I colorcoded my exercise books so green was for science, blue for Social Studies and Math and so on. I kept all the pencils I found on the floor for children who needed one at the beginning of the day. I’m sure you’ll do the right thing for your child! Have a lovely day.

    • Not to worry. We’ve got dozens and dozens of pencils. I hoard them when people give them out at holidays, and I buy a hundred at the beginning of the year. I, too, like to send them prepared.

      I am always puzzled by the kids I see showing up at my daughter’s high school sans backpack, books, pencils or paper.

  3. Oh how I loved using pencils like that as a child. Now adays my kids have so dang many pencils I don’t think any of them ever get used down to that.

    • Does that mean he shouldn’t wear pants or just that we shouldn’t buy any? I’m finished buying pants for him. He’s built like a string bean.By the time pants fit in the waist, they come above his ankles.

      • Every pair of my son’s pants have huge ragged holes in the knees and hit above the ankle but I refuse to buy new ones until the fall..

  4. When I was in gradeschool my classmates and I had an unspoken competition of who could really and truly pump out the best penmanship with the smallest pencil. You can get another couple of weeks out of that one, no problem! 😉

  5. It reminds me (as most things do) of Simpsons episode about school cut-backs. “Look at this pointer – it’s worn down to the nub!” “It still points, doesn’t it?”

  6. Just make sure he doesn’t press down too hard with the pencil, he should sail through the rest of the school year with no problem. Plus, if he takes care not to write too dark a line, he’ll be able to write a much neater manifesto later on. It worked for me.

  7. My son tries to get his pencils that small. It’s like a contest among the third-grade boys. As a volunteer at school who always has to sharpen pencils, can I just tell you how annoying small pencils are to sharpen? There’s no way that thing fits in a pencil sharpener anymore. You’re talking about whittling it now.

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