Nobody’s Perfect

What can I say? We all have our limitations. I lack the ability to draw more than a stick figure with bloated hands, tortoises tend to lack depth perception and many are very far-sighted. Adaptations don’t develop unless there’s need.  I don’t need to draw well because I have other obvious talents. Like toenail painting. I’m good. I almost never get polish on my shoes anymore. And tortoises tend to live in tall grasses and have never needed to catch a baseball, so no evolutionary energy was expended in developing good binocular vision.

Tortoises can see at least some colors and can be counted on to try and taste anything that is bright yellow or orange. I choose my footwear carefully when I will be working with the giant tortoises. Combine far-sightedness with a penchant for bright colors, and you have this:

That yellow stripe looks like tasty fruit, right! Don’t judge! See the egg? This little guy may actually have fallen off the turnip truck yesterday.

For all my friends who love baby tortoise videos, a present from me to you. Enjoy!


35 thoughts on “Nobody’s Perfect

  1. I like to think we’ve all tried gnawing on our arm a time or two. Even those of us without yellow stripes…Right?

    Looooove a tortoise video! Thanks for brightening this grey day! 🙂

  2. If you post more videos like this, perhaps I might be able to finally convince my husband to go along with my desire to buy a tortoise. Perhaps you can put more of a rockin’ or 90’s grunge music in the background next time (think Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins)…that might help my cause a bit more. Too cute!

    • My husband is freaked out about the notion that they’ll outlive us. And that they are so expensive to keep. But I keep trying! He really hoped that being at the zoo would curtail my deep need to be around exotic species. Poor guy.

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