Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Pest Control

We found ants in our kitchen. We’ve tried everything to get rid of them. Finally, I set up a Facebook account for the queen ant. If social networking is going to lead to the end of our society, maybe it will take care of theirs, too. I may have gone too far. But there are no longer ants in our kitchen. I think they’re all updating their timelines.

Obviously, she is a party ant.


55 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Pest Control

  1. You have no idea how this has brightened my day. It makes sense because their life span is so much shorter, therefore results are seen much quicker (Nooooo, I’m not anti-facebook…..)

    • Results for any new facebooker are fairly quick. It takes about 1.2 days to set up a farm and whatever else they do on there. After that, they are never heard from again except at random meal times.

  2. Teehee! Love her ant friends!! She is so popular!

    We keep having carpenter ant visitors! One comes in a day. They are driving me crazy!! They don’t stay long enough to access FB…

  3. I had a friend who tried to “entice” the ants out of her kitchen with a little line of sugar from under the sink to the front door. Would you like to venture a guess as to how successful this was?

  4. I hate to have to admit that I am losing to her in a game of Words with Friends. We were pretty neck and neck until she played the word quiz on me with triple word and triple letter tiles. It got ugly real quick!!

  5. Too funny! Queen Ant is quite the socialite and vixen! Do I see a very posh purple bikini and matching tropical cocktail being held by one of her 6 sexy legs? She better watch out, or Facebook might shut her page down for overly racy content! 😉

    • Has Facebook EVER shut anyone down for racy content? Except for the ones who post pics of babies nursing, of course!

      Thanks for noticing the bikini. It’s a designer label, you know.

      • Yes, it happens. FB does shut down what they deem “inappropriate profiles.” I don’t think they catch everything, but they certainly try. Too much cheek or nipple supposedly fits the mark. Watch out, Queen Ant… that designer bikini top looks like it might not be covering everything, ha ha! 😉

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