Lost In Translation: Meteorology Edition

What your weather-predicting folks say, and what they really mean. Why do we even bother? 


Late Frost Warning: I think it’s funny to see people tuck their azaleas in at night!

Here’s a look at the Doppler: Swirly, colorful pictures make me look wise. Like Gandalf.

Maps are so pretty! Studies show that just by presenting a map, my IQ has gone up 15 points in your eyes. You are not supposed to notice that I was too lazy to draw the individual states.

High Today: I might be.

Partly Sunny/ Partly Cloudy:  Depends on my mood. If I’m glum, you get partly cloudy. If I have a date with a model after work, the world is partly sunny.

Seven Day Forecast: I’ve been playing with my Magic Eight Ball.

Heat Advisory: It might actually snow.

Slight chance of showers: Build an ark.


24 thoughts on “Lost In Translation: Meteorology Edition

  1. 🙂 Awesome.
    It’s true- I think the whole reason meteorologists stand in front of the green-screen and do their map magic thing instead of just saying, “It’s going to rain tomorrow,” is to brainwash us into believing them. Bunch of tricksters.

  2. I think meteorologist is the best job in the world. You can be wrong every day, and you still get to keep your job. Everybody EXPECTS you to be wrong. No pressure.

  3. It is true about americans and geography, (responding to your comments as usual.. great map tho.. i got it!) i used to tell people that at low tide NZers walked across the flats to go to the pubs in Aussie for a drink, as long as you were quick you did not drown on the way home.. I am ashamed to say that many people out here on the Midwest (having never seen the sea poor darlings) nodded and said Really! or possibly they thought I was bonkers and were being kind! (laughter!) c

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