Be Very Afraid

Feeding time at the zoo is different in the reptile department.  Many reptiles do not eat everyday. Their metabolism is slower than ours because they don’t use their food-energy to maintain their body temperature, so some of them can go weeks, months, even a year without eating. It’s amazing.

Indian Star tortoises are not like that. They are, shall we say, enthusiastic eaters.  So just for kicks, toss in some greens, and sit back for the ride.

You would think they hadn’t eaten in a week. Watch your fingers!

They’re like a school of piranha! But vegetarian. And cuter.

Out of my way!

And of course, the post is not complete without video. I love this particular tortoise because she approaches mealtime in much the same way that I do.


28 thoughts on “Be Very Afraid

  1. I love how the leaf fell over her head, and she was all, “meh, I’ll just eat my way out, it’s cool.”

    They are so beautiful! I needed tortoise goodness today. You’re like a tortoise-psychic.

  2. You really should quit posting these pictures all over your blog. First, none of the rest of us can compete with these cute little guys. Second, you’re making me have strange dreams in which my kids drag home little tortoises as the next additions to our pet collection. Third, well, I don’t really have a third, I’m still looking at the too-darned-cute tortoises!

  3. We once had a snapping turtle fall into a concrete pen on our property. The thing was over 2 feet long, and just sat there like a rock with its head drawn in. My husband was wiggling lettuce in front of it a couple of feet away and all of a sudden, that head just snapped out on its long neck and lunged at hubby – almost took his hand off! He ’bout near peed his pants, and I laughed my head off.

    Your cute video made me hungry. Off to find a salad bar.

  4. Super cute. 🙂 We used to have some red-eared sliders and a box tortoise. The sliders would eat the tadpoles hatching near our tiny fish pond (some frogs had moved in, too), and the tortoise ate live crickets, but we had to supply those. We had a little enclosure for tortoise feeding time we liked to call the Coliseum, because watching Sebastian (our tortoise’s name) devour the crickets trying to escape the too-high walls was sort of like that.

  5. Ack! So cute! Ack! I just realized I gave you an award and forgot to tell you! Ack! I just realized I used the word turtles instead of tortoises when I did it. Ack! Its like calling an aircraft carrier a “boat” instead of a “ship.” Ack! 🙂

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