My Dearest Wish

My dearest wish for the day is that when my readers visited this post, they did not see this:

It’s not a video. Don’t try to click on it.

My second wish is that it is a sponsored ad, not a targeted. I’m not sure how they made the connection between my collection of adorable baby tortoise videos and a, shall we say, very personal problem.

Or maybe they assume that anyone using Youtube is at risk for contracting an STD? All I can say is that would be quite the unfortunate computer virus. Anyone know if Norton’s anti-virus checks for public health risks?


17 thoughts on “My Dearest Wish

  1. WE see: A bunch of cute baby tortoises crawling around in their leafy greens to munch on for dinner.

    Google Ads sees: A bunch of little round things crawling around in an unkempt “garden”, and an STD test advertising opportunity.

    I don’t like it any more than you do…

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