Things That Make Me Happy

No surprise here. This post is kind of tortoise-y.

Aldabra tortoise getting a spa treatment. At least that’s what we humans call wallowing in mud.


The little Indian Star tortoises do more than tolerate being handled. They seem to enjoy it!


I interrupted the ploughshare tortoises at dinnertime.

Note the little guy on the right has food hanging from its jaws. Eating is always a good sign that all is well.

Thirty seconds earlier:

And this? This makes my heart so full it hurts.


20 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Oh, man. Everything is making me all weepy today. That picture of your boys did it for me. Remind me sometime to show you the picture I have of the littlies on a walk.

  2. Awwwwee shucks, that is great.
    Now I have a request: it is turtle related. Yippee
    It is the time of year where we are starting to see lots of turtles in our yard. We always called them “dry land tarpins” I spelled it that why so you would know how we said it. You know the kind that people used to carve initials into their shells on the bottom. My parents taught me that carving into a turtle shell was wrong. Can you do a write up about ways to make your yard a good home for these type of turtles? I like them and want them around but I don’t know how to encourage it. I do take them from my dog’s mouth, I think that is a step in the right direction. I also carry a paper bag in my car in order to collect them from the roadways near my home and distribute them to safer places. I am willing to do my part I just want to know what my part is. Thank you.

    • I can definitely do that!

      When you find a turtle or tortoise in the road, the best thing you can do is to carry it across the road in the direction that it was going. They have an internal mapping system that tells them exactly where their nesting site is, and if they are put back on the side where they came from, they’ll turn around and cross the road again.

      I’ll talk to the Herp guys about more details to share. Great question!

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