Adding Insult To Injury

Middle son came home a couple of months ago with a cabbage plant. Bonnie Plants donated them to second and third grade students all over the country. The object was to grow it as large as he could, get his picture taken with it, and submit it to Bonnie with the hopes of winning a scholarship. The Padawan is more interested in growing sea monkeys than plants, but the money caught his attention.

We opted to grow our cabbage organically. More because I can’t justify the cost of a bottle of Sevin dust for a single cabbage than because I’m worried about the kids growing a third arm from pesticides. Because it’s not like they’d eat it anyway. Maybe I should have sprung for the Sevin.

Here’s what our organic cabbage farm now looks like:

If Tim Burton had an organic cabbage farm, it would probably look like this.

And what’s this? Ah, yes. Destroying the entire plant was not quite enough. Whatever devoured the cabbage left their turds on the one leaf they didn’t actually eat.

That was thoughtful.


27 thoughts on “Adding Insult To Injury

  1. My neighbor is always taking about seven dust! I won’t use it because I would rather garden organically, and also avoid third arms, but I have yet to have a successful vegetable garden. Many of my plants last garden season looked like yours!

      • By the looks of it it was. Those lovely white cabbage butterflies lay their eggs and out pop these horrid things that can much through a cabbage patch in not time at all and leave those lovely poops behind. They’re really vom worthy to squish though.

  2. My middle son came home with the same plant. It’s now happily planted in our garden and doing well. He was obsessed with that cabbage plant until it got planted and now he expects me to take care of it.

      • It’s twice as hard to get him to walk the puppy so that won’t work. I took him to the garden the other day and he was happy to see his cabbage plant. It was like reuniting him with a long lost friend. If I tell him that the weeds are going to kill his cabbage friend maybe he’ll pull them for me! Then again, 5 cents per weed would probably be a better motivator.

  3. Meh. Nature is over rated.
    I’d reather enjoy some delicious crispy cabbage bars.
    I can get them fortified with all the nutrients that were leeched out during hte preparation process!

  4. Hahaha! I almost weed (!) myself laughing. But I’m allowed to. I usually have all kinds of herbs in my garden and because I use them frequently for cooking they grow like nobody’s business too. Except last year, some really hungry (and apparently highly specialised) creature devoured all of my parsley. No matter how often I replaced the plant it was eradicated the next day while the chives right next to it stood unharmed. Nature can be so weird sometimes.

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