Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Dude. You obviously do stellar work. You’re hired.

Pretty. Looks like these folks can really get the job done.


31 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

  1. This is obviously some form of landscaping we’re not familiar with. I’m sure the person who put that sign up knows exactly what he’s doing.

  2. Perhaps they’re minimalists?? 🙂 Great pic. I love coming across ironic things like that and trying to imagine the people who were behind it. One of my favorites lately was a sign on the front of a private elementary school that read: “Now accepting appliations” Hmmm… do I really want my (imaginary) kid going to a school where the teachers cannot spell or properly proofread??

    • Appliation is probably just fancy talk. I wouldn’t want my kids getting all uppity.

      An aside, one of my kids had a teacher who wasn’t fussed about spelling because she didn’t think it was something the kids needed to learn. Because they’d always have spell-check. I am still looking for the magic paper that red-lines my mistakes on hand-written stuff.

  3. Wow, I can’t determine which is more disturbing: the fact that he writes “Lawns Maintained” with a Sharpie to advertise his services, or the fact that he had to white out part of his phone number (did he seriously forget his own phone number?!). Hilarious! I would call just to see what the hell his pitch would be!

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