Baby Pictures. And a Contest

It’s hard to believe! The Indian Star tortoise hatchlings are almost three months old, and it’s time to split them up into larger habitats.


Just a few months ago, they were exploding out of their egg shells. Time flies.


Getting a first bath

And now they’re ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Here’s the fun part. I have picked out a pair of them that I am hoping to write about. At least in blog posts, but possibly a series of children’s books. And here’s where the contest comes in. They need names. Really cool ones.

Taking a sunbath and having some breakfast. Will they be Moon Pie and Air Mail forever?

Send me your suggestions. I’ll narrow it down to a few of my favorites, and readers will get to vote. The person(s) who submitted the two names that are ultimately selected will win a prize. I have two ideas for prizes at the moment. Neither involves shipping a live animal, but they’ll be cool.

Here’s what you need to know:

Enter by submitting your suggestions in the comments box. One pair of names per comment, but you can suggest more than one pair of names.

Gender-neutral names are preferable. The tortoises were incubated as females, but sometimes surprises happen. If they’re creative and awesome enough, though, I’ll definitely consider gender specific names.

Beware of copyright infringement. These names will be used publicly, so I’ll be skipping over Edward/Bella, Sheldon/whoever the hot girl he’s supposed to be in love with, etc.

Think outside the box. Clever and cute will win me any day. I once owned a red-foot (no, not THAT kind of red-foot, sj! A red-footed tortoise) I named Rigger Tortoise.

Be appropriate. These are names my kids will be reading. And my mom.

The finalists will not be chosen by a robo-number-picker-thingy. The finalists will be chosen by me. So wow me! Knock my non-existent socks off! (it’s Chaco season, you know).

Finalists will be posted for voting on June 1. Or somewhere thereabouts. Don’t hold me to the specific date in case I’m getting my hair done or something. When finalists have been posted, the contest will be closed at that point to new submissions.

International entries are permitted. I may have to change the final prize at the end if someone outside the US wins, due to cost of shipping. But you’ll get something awesome.

I reserve the right to:

Lose my mind, thereby rendering contest null and void.

End submissions early or late. Or whatever.

Dye my hair purple. Just because. I told you I might get my hair done.

End the contest without a winner because Squish wants to stick with the names “Moon Pie” and “Air Mail.”


So there you have it! So easy! Now get to suggesting!

58 thoughts on “Baby Pictures. And a Contest

  1. Petal for the one facing the camera as the markings remind me of rose petals blowing in the wind and mobi for the other as the markings remind me of the diagram for the mobius strip equation

  2. First off, did you take these pictures? They are awesome! Especially the hatching shot. Very cool.

    I’m bummed out that these tortoises are female and not male. Or else, they’d totally be Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortoises, and I’d name them Michaelangelo and Raphael. I digress.

    Names: Thelma & Louise. 🙂

  3. My son had a box turtle named ET (extraordinary turtle). That would go great with Moon Pie.
    Actually, I think Squish is a winner with Air Mail and Moon Pie.

  4. I’m terrible at naming, but had to give it a try anyway. Because, TORTOISES! And I actually gave it thought and everything.

    So they’re star tortoises,and therefore I decided on Castor and Pollux. Which are both names from mythology and names of stars in the Gemini (Twins) constellation, and the tortoises are twinny. And although Castor and Pollux were both male, the names are pretty gender-neutral, should there be any surprises.

  5. I say Maturin and A’Tuin. Go ahead, google them. They’re lovely literary names for turtles and will give them a sense of importance.

  6. I’m going to start thinking on this one! This may mean my own blog will suffer or awhile as all my creative juices will be spent on coming up with a good pair of name, but so be it 🙂

  7. Scylla and Charybdis, two famed monsters from Greek Mythology. Scylla was a rock hurling 6-headed beast that was once a nymph with whom Poseidon fell in love. Poseidon’s wife didn’t like that much and turned her into the monster. Charybdis was a massive whirlpool just across the way from Scylla. Charybdis used to be Poseidon’s beautiful daughter until Zeus changed her into the whirlpool just to be an A-hole.

  8. Hickory and Dickory. Even though they are decidedly neither mice nor clocks. If you add a third it can also be a gender neutral “Doc”

  9. The powers that be, between my ears, such as they are, will get to work on this. But, wow… “Rigger Tortoise?” I can see that you have set the bar very high indeed, and I say that without any sarcasm. LOL 😀

  10. I suppose squish is out of the question? As in I’m squishing on a star…

    Sorry I don’t have anything valuable to contribute. Just thought I let you know how cute your tortoise babies are and that I am queueing already to buy the books.

  11. This submission is from my husb and I. He is the genius behind this: Tardis (Tardis the tortoise, wink) and The Doctor (bout time they had a female Doctor).

  12. Wow…there are a lot of good names listed here already!

    I teach in China, and I let my Chinese students pick their own English names, which often results in girls wanting to name themselves after flowers (“Daisy” and “Peony”) and boys wanting to name themselves after super manly things (“Thunder” and “Nike”). My favorite names right now are two girls who are best friends…I always see them together around campus: Jazz and Jojo. They’re girl names, yes, but maybe you’ll like them as much as I do. 🙂 (But feel free to use “Thunder” and “Nike” if they really strike a chord with you…)

  13. Hey, last night it came to me: They should be Maddie and Luna.

    Yes, I realise these are not gender-neutral but baby tortoises frantically running around in search of adventure need names like this. Plus, if it turns out they are not female, well, just don’t tell anyone…

  14. How about Abelard and Heloise? I know you said no copyrighted names, and this is a historical/literary couple, but I think it’s been enough centuries that the statute of limitations is up or something by now. Just a guess.

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