One Minute Mysteries

I’m being invaded. I have no idea where the little blighters are coming from, but they are popping up in the weirdest places. Tomatoes. Everywhere. Think I’m kidding?

In the rosemary. Four of them.

Ficus/alligator plant


The big ficus

In the butterfly bush, bold as brass.

And since I loaded the pictures into the computer, four more have popped up in the dracaena. Did I plant tomatoes this year? I did not. I have poor luck with this particular fruit, as some of you may recall, and I didn’t see the point in having my heart broken yet again. But here they are. Keep in mind, these plants call home a deck that is about 25 feet off the ground, and all but one has been in the same pot for over a year. Squish and the Padawan wouldn’t touch a tomato with a 10-foot pole, and the Princess of Darkness is just as bumfuzzled as I am.

Is there such a thing as a tomato fairy? And do they visit when you’ve been good, or when you’ve been bad?

Tune in next week when we ask “If spell-check thinks we can’t be bumfuzzled, are we bedazzlement or Fuzzbusters?”

Seriously? Bedazzlement? I am sad. I cannot live in a world where this is a suggested word.




Don’t forget to visit this post to suggest names for the baby tortoises! If your name is chosen, you could win!


20 thoughts on “One Minute Mysteries

  1. We call those things the helicopter plants and about three years ago they took over my yard, my limited garden and anything in a pot. It was just like an alien invasion and I was on full Triffid alert. They did this the next year as well, then they eased somewhat. I guess the helicopters migrated to your region because as of last year it’s just the same old thistles, dandelions and aggressive grasses.

  2. We had a tree blown down a couple years ago in a storm and the roots sprouted up new trees EVERYWHERE. For months, we could barely keep up. If we’d had the desire and the water supply, I’d be living in a forest right now.

  3. If they are tomatoes, does your neighbour do well with them? Then they’re possibly a present from the birds who’ve enjoyed next door’s crop. With the added guano, they’re bound to do well 😉

  4. Do you compost? 🙂 We do, so we have all kind of tomatoes and squashes growing in our gardens this year. We only planted soybeans in the vegetable garden this year, but thanks to composting, we are growing tomatoes, garlic, onions, scallions, potatoes, and squashes. It’s funny. I’m glad there are tomatoes everywhere this year. Last year, the deer ate them all :/

    • This is where half of my plants come from. Compost volunteers are awesome. No work! Where the seed hits the ground, and the ground is good to go, so grows the plant, the plant goes to fruit, and I go to picking. Lazy gardening is totally my way.

  5. We have something that I swear is fennel growing in a pot that we did not plant. My husband says it’s a weed. We’re letting it grow to see what it turns out to be. Isn’t that part of the fun of gardening? Of course, something will probably eat it before we get to find out.

  6. I have to ask, did you use compost in your planters? Or is it all store-bought soil? Because we had several ‘volunteer’ tomatoes last year from where we chucked the previous year’s plants.

  7. It seems like everyone, me included, is thinking compost.
    I get cherry trees sprouting up everywhere from me and the boys spitting pits. (I live in a cherry growing region.)

  8. Noooooo! Never will I allow bedazzlement such legitimacy.

    Is it possible you live under a tomato cloud? I assume that would be similar to a mushroom cloud.

  9. That’s fantastic! I haven’t had much luck with my tomatoes so far this year – I’m hoping they redeem themselves soon, but with the rainstorms we’ve been having, they just keep slowly drowning – just like my hopes that we’ll have tomatoes by the 4th of July…

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